Get your (biodegradable) GLITTER ready, and let’s express ourselves radically this Friday at Newspeak!!!!, featuring Adam Husa and the talented psychonaut Öona Dahl .

Thanks to Husa Sounds and I Love Neon for the wonderful booking! And who better to open the show, than our very own Adam Husa, <3 a fellow burner, who is extremely talented and brings us back to the Montreal roots with his bassy yet melodic sounds.  I have added a list of his original sounds… this event is not to be missed.

Öona Dahl is one of those artists whose entire persona is fairy-like and magical. Everything about her style her look and her music make you feel like you are in a land filled with rainbows, butterflies, and some bad ass progressive house. She is out of this world and I can’t wait to travel with her through the set she guides us through this Friday at Newspeak!! All Day I Dream label is lucky to have her. Her badass unapologetically girly, glittery vibes is exactly what House music is in desperate need of. I am so happy to support an awesome female artist, to learn more about other female artists leading the scene, you can read my previous article on MIRA a couple months back!

I first discovered Öona Dahl at Burning Man in 2016, where she played a wonderful day set at no other than Pink Mammoth camp. The colours, the vibes, the music, and her energy just made me fall in love…what an artist.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t released her set from 2016 but WE are lucky enough to have her 2017 Pink Mammoth set below!!! ( I’ve listened to this too many times)

We will dance under the led lights and together we will undergo a journey like none other. The energy we will share will be ecstatic. Her sets always include the best house music has to offer. Some uplifting sounds morphed with some hard hitting bass and some unforgettable melodies in between.  Listening to her sets bring me back to the parallel universe that exists one week out of the year called Burning Man, I will be definitely rocking something that radically expresses my inner fairy this Friday, and you should too! 😉

Stay tuned…The next Collaboration of Newspeak and Husa Sounds will be March 3rd for Nuit Blanche!!! 


Listen to Adam Husa

Listen to Öona Dahl 

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Find me on the dancefloor!! <3 <3

Hellan Said