A nice music discovery for me today is Mona Lissa & The Brink. This music reminds of of Kate Bush a lot. It is sexy and sad which is, of course, romantic in a run away with a Gypsy circus kind of way. The lyrics are intellectual and the music is almost démodé in that Eastern trend of mysterious stringed instruments with a light flicker of drumming – but Mona and her Brink get away with it. If you are in Montreal and wish to see her live, BandMark will be joining at Club Balattou tomorrow at 8:30 pm – check out her FB event for more info!

Mona Lisa & The Brink skillfully present urban ballads that are intimate and jazzy to the bone! This Montreal-based band is the brainchild of Mona Lissa— a gifted singer/songwriter and a keen observer of life’s ups & downs. She also holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience and practices her first love—music and poetry. She was recently featured on CBC news for her landmark scientific article entitled “The Neurochemistry of Music”, co-authored with Daniel J. Levitin, New York Times best-selling author of “This Is Your Brain On Music“. Born in Northern Quebec, this daughter of an East Indian father and a German mother embodies a mélange of French-Canadian culture, as well as exotic Eastern sensuality and stark German intellectuality. Her songs are bluntly honest and—at times—unapologetically sexual. She loves life with all its imperfections and embraces the opportunity to witness reality as a modern woman. Mona Lissa has been building a solid, ever-growing fan base for her unique brand of music, which is reminiscent of St. Vincent, Kate Bush and other maverick women. She recently completed her first album, “Tip Of My Tongue”, with Juno Award-winning producer, Rob Heaney (Cirque du Soleil, Patrick Watson). Mona Lissa is currently accompanied by Martin Saint (guitar), Raphael Rosenwald (bass), and Michael Rien (drums), who add power to her bold musical compositions.