We have some very big news for you Montreal. Agora Collective, a new collective here in Montreal, with the help of known and respected psytrance collective Aioaska Productions bring you OHM – Return to the Source this Saturday at a TBA location!

This event will be bursting with psytrance all night long! With immersive sound and lights throughout the secret location, the Sensory overload will be expected

OHMGet in the mood at the body painting station, shop at bar and kiosks, and when you have danced for hours make sure you check out OHM‘s chill out area!!! The chill zone will be equipped with a creative zone to encourage you to express creative radical self!

We will transport to another dimension together with the help of the organizers, the artists and all of you of course! OHM will deliver an experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before, with full blacklight and projection mappings surrounding you!

Grouch who is an artist from New Zealand will trip us out and tune us in all night…

His incredible backdrop infused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion which would later form the basis for his electronic journeys. Below we have a set by Grouch giving you a little sneak peek of what the organizers have in store for you this Saturday!

From the States, we have LuneCell! Exploring the obscure sub-genres of electronic psychedelia such as  “morning forest”, “forest progressive” and “psychedelic drum & bass” with a heavy emphasis on psychedelic. This track featured below has been called magnetic and delicate by devout fans and I have to agree!

Justin Chaos is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Having spent the last fifteen years on the loose in the global psychedelic scene, not only has he built a formidable reputation as a promoter, connector, and facilitator of big projects.

Sishiva is another top artist on the radar. Focusing mostly on forest dark sounds. Her sound is imaginative, organic, and next level psychedelic. I am excited to see his what he has in store for us!


In addition to this insane line up of international artists, we have amazing local talent that will be sure to keep us on our feet till the sun rises 🙂

Grasshopper Records LIVE SET

Sculpted Sounds LIVE SET
Sculpted Sounds / Agora Collective

Sangoma Records/ Silent Monkey/ Agora Collective

ॐ MUSTY DUSTACHE (MTL) Aio vs Odonata
Lycantrop records/ Purple Hexagon/ Agora Collective DJ SET


The music at OHM is just a part of the magnificent entertainment carefully designed for maximum pleasure. We will enter a world complete with an international culture of love and immersive psychedelic art to satisfy your journey! Ticket are almost gone! Make sure you get them HERE!