Next time you read the salsa labels at your grocery store note the sodium content. Yah, scary huh. Basically if you polish off half a jar of salsa (which is not that hard to do in front of a good show) you are looking at more than your daily intake of sodium which by American standards is 2,000 but really any Dr will tell you that it is more like 1,500. So.. we wanted to give you a yummy and easy replacement. And guess what, it costs about the same.


  1. 1 pack of baby tomatoes
  2. Half a big white onion + 1 garlic clove
  3. Real basil plant sprigs (about 4 and ideally purple basil)
  4. 1 (seeded for mild – unseeded for hot) bay red Chili pepper
  5. Crunch of raw salt n a juice of 1 lemon
Now here is the truly easy part… toss all in blender and blend on low or interval until onion is chopped up finely. Serve with your favorite Tortilla chips! We love Organic blue corn chips by BANDITO!