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Not an Accident – Raveen | True Currency

Not an Accident – Raveen | True Currency

“… speaking your mind when it matters most” is how Montreal locals Raveen described their latest single, “Accidents,” to Exclaim! in February of this year.

If you dug Bonobo’s First Fires, or anything Tycho ever did, you are definitely going to want to check out what Raveen is releasing now:

Electronica voices blend in aching harmonies, soaring above beautiful beats. Live instrumentation crosshatched with digital landscapes, Raveen cites influences as far flung as jazz master Dave Brubeck to hip hop court jester, the ever bewildering Kanye West.

Sometimes when bands are forced to describe their sound, they come up with deluded, whimsical, vague, and misleading adjectives: Senior Citizen Sludge, Dollarama Soul, Wizard Folk, Sewage Blues… and so forth. Raveen thankfully had the good sense to proclaim that they make “dark, yet earnest pop-electronic music with some serious R&B undertones.” From what I’ve heard of this dreamy 3-piece, yes, they’re dark (not dark in a vampires-and-castles kind of way, but more in a shadowy-nighttime kind of way), yes, they seem earnest, and yes, there are some serious R&B tones in there.

After a year of hard work, following their release, Softly to Air in September 2014, and a 3-track self-titled EP, Raveen has gone on to hit up New York City’s CMJ Festival (being one of five local bands that made the exodus). They have played KickDrum’s winter fest, and threw an epic release party for their single “Accidents” at Casa Del Popolo on February 24th

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But fear not dear brothers in music, you do not need to suffer from a crippling bout of FOMO. Raveen will be at Quai des Brumes on March 31st, and so will you.

Living in Montreal is like Christmas morning every day. The music here is always a gift.

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