FB Events got a make-over in May and then re-pimped up recently. It is now even easier for people to create last minute events, share them with their friends but especially have friend-of-friends AKA strangers show up! Just because you weren’t invited, doesn’t mean Facebook can’t help you crash the shin-dig. This of course was always the case in public events, but things just got a little easier..

The tech overhaul is mainly visual  and  includes a new “Events For You” tab that recommends gatherings it thinks you might enjoy, even if no one invited you, YOUR  friends aren’t going, AND  you’ve never stepped foot in the venue or LIKED the host pages. Rather than just being a calendar of your invites and a couple of publicly suggested events based on an algorithm of what your close friends are attending (close on Facebook means the friends they have noticed you interact with the most);Facebook is now applying everything it knows about you to get you out of the house and somewhere more fun! Is Facebook helping hermits be more social OR simply finding new ways of collecting BIG DATA on its users? You tell me!