On Thursday, October 11, Mile-Ex’s creative & artistic cultural hot-spot the Never Apart gallery launches six new exhibits. Returning for the fourth time, MAPP_MTL brings its innovative projection mapping to Never Apart with a brand new show specifically designed for the space.

This season also brings together collage art of renowned Montreal-based artist, John A. Schweitzer, and a painting series around Cosmic Manifestations. Altogether, the unique set of artist expression once again transforms the Centre into a kaleidoscope of colour, feelings, and inspirations. With additional special events including, IMAGE+NATION film screenings, Alveole workshops, and NVA’s Music Room Open Decks, Never Apart is gearing up for another not-to-be-missed season.

The Fall season will also use Never Apart founder Dax Dasilva’s new book to springboard two talks focusing on the age of union. “Before opening Never Apart, I put together a manifesto outlining my intentions for the cultural centre,” says Dax. “It ultimately formed the outline for my book Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker. Diversity is a teacher, and I look forward to personally hosting these two talks emphasizing the importance of unity”.

Here is a more in-depth description of the new works that will be presented…

"Cosmic Manifestations" by Arielle @ Never Apart Gallery
“Cosmic Manifestations” by Arielle: Paintings at Never Apart Gallery

“The series Cosmic Manifestations and ONEIROS are the results of researches and dreamlike visions transmitted through dreams and meditative visions. These series aims to immerse the viewer in a universe similar to a waking dream, where consciousness and reality intertwine with the imaginary. My work travels through worlds awakening reflection on the connection between Universe and humankind.” Arielle Côté

Kiran Ambwani Photography at Never Apart Gallery

“Infinite Light” by  Kiran Ambwani  : Photography

“Light has obsessed humans since the dawn of time, and as a photographer, I find myself constantly observing, exploring, and playing with light. A light stalker, I’m intrigued by different light sources, each with its unique qualities & characteristics. Light is at the core of this photographic ensemble, with the play of light and mirrors creating infinite reflections. A meditation on the zen notions of infinity and emptiness, this series is an exploration of seemingly infinite space”.

"FemCan Paintings" by Leanne Davies at Never Apart Gallery

“FemCan Paintings” by Leanne Davies: Paintings

Six stylized portraits of some of Canada’s most notable female musicians. Recognized for their talent and for their complex approach to making music, the subjects of FemCan are trailblazers, teachers, and activists, paving the way for artists of the future.

Blake Mawson at the Never Apart Gallery

PYOTR495 by Blake Mawson: Theater

Set one evening in present-day Moscow, 16-year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultra-nationalist group known for their violent abductions and attacks bolstered by Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret.

Installation numerique at the Never Apart Gallery
Installation numerique: Refraction par nature Graphique, installation A/V

Imaginaires Collectifs by MAPP MTL: Multimedia

MAPP_MTL is exhibiting micro-mapping works of all forms – sculptural, filmic, installation art, augmented reality, immersive, or responsive. The juxtaposition of these video mapping artworks is nonlinear, and nonformal, but sensual. The artists are invited to use light as their brush. They collectively augment the gallery space to transport us into the intimacy of their imagination. They transform our perception of digital art practices from the technical and hermetic to bring us to a more sensuous perspective. The Never Apart exhibition makes us question the multiple spaces we occupy both individually and collectively, to invoke our Collective Imaginaries.

The Mapp exhibition features the following works :

​OXO​ ​Beatgender by  Collectif OXO (BE)
Maud Sertour, Samy Barras, Yasmine Yahiatene, Amandine Vaccaielli, Lauraline Michel

Objet interactif ​| no 2 by Collectif Blackbox (CA)
Mathieu Désilets, Mathilde Joanny, Salim Lounis, Alexandre Lustigman, Jean-Claude Macena, Mariléa Rabbat, Xavier Tremblay

Asile by  Fred Trétout (CA)

​ReRites by David Jhave Johnston in collaboration with Anteism Books (CA)

Isochrone by Manuel Chantre (CA)

Human refractions by ​Aurélien Lafargue AKA Nature Graphique
Featuring Sound design by Mourad Bennacer

John A. Schweitzer at the Never Apart Gallery

The Snows of Ruskin by John A. Schweitzer

2019 marks the bicentenary of the birth of the Victorian scholar John Ruskin [1819-1900]. In honour of his cultural contribution to science and art, Montreal artist John A. Schweitzer presents The Snows of Ruskin series, a narrative amalgam of two anecdotal episodes from 19th century London art circles.


Launch of Permanent Collection Salon

We are thrilled to launch our new salon-style setting showcasing works from our collection in a comfortable environment designed for dialogue and community interactions.


WHEN: Thursday, October 10, 2019

WHERE: Centre Never Apart, 7049 St Urbain St, Montreal, QC H2S 3H4

TIME: 6:00 PM

*Free event & open to the public


Established in 2015, Never Apart Gallery is a non-profit organization in Montréal, Canada, determined to bring about social change and spiritual awareness through cultural programming with global reach and impact. Founded by tech CEO Dax Dasilva, the Centre features 12,000 square feet of creative space with seasonal art exhibitions, two permanent installations (the Sun Room and the Moon Room), live music events, artist talks, and film screenings. During its first year of operation, Never Apart Gallery has welcomed thousands of visitors and has collaborated with over 300 artists. Follow Never Apart’s latest developments and read the monthly online magazine by visiting neverapart.com. Also, tune in on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @neverapartmtl.


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