The few times I’ve been to New City Gas were… not so memorable.  Having earned my club stripes over the years as an event producer/promoter, its world class nightclub status falls short of my expectations. However one thing I do admire are the transformations the dilapidated warehouse underwent to reach a state of the art concert hall and/or club venue. The club energy though is debatable… but I guess if you were to show up in the right mood, group of friends and half your pay cheque  your experience may be entirely different… that’s generally how it goes for guys 😉

Taking a more corporate 5 à 7 approach is a good formula for New City Gas, with Moët & Chandon decor branding transformed the venue beyond recognition. It’s always a pleasure to be greeted by media relationists 1 Milk 2Sugars 🙂 BandMark had the opportunity to sample the delicious food display catered by Olive Orange which included a lavish display of oysters, mac & cheese, dumplings and tacos. All this in an friendly young professional ambiance with carefully selected house beats in the background. Before you know it, it’s 9pm and your backup dinner plans are no longer an option!