Did you know that January 21st is National Hug Day? Hugs have become very trendy in recent years because of many social & health studies listing their surprising amount of benefits. I decided to research this human bonding ritual further and found 10 fun facts about hugging. Now get off your digital device and go hug someone in the real world today!

  1. Babies who were not hugged enough have delayed walking, talking and lower IQ than babies who were hugged a lot.
  2. Hugging lowers the stress hormone Cortisol and increases these 3 happy chemicals:  Oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin!
  3. The average hug is 3 seconds long, which is the same duration as a lot of other human actions and neurological processes.
  4. Even though women are known to be the ones who want to cuddle after sex the most, more men in studies said that they need a daily hug from their partner.
  5. The hugging instinct is said to derive from the contractions one feels during childbirth, essentially the birth canal was your first big squeeze!
  6. The Western world hugs publicly more than the Eastern world. In some Eastern countries, public displays of kissing will get you a fine!
  7. People who are very “huggy” tend to fall in either category: were not hugged enough as a child OR came from a highly affectionate family.
  8. Hugging was a more important factor in the longevity of a couple vs even sex frequency in divorce studies. This is because you can still enjoy sex when things are bad but not hugs.
  9. In studies where people suffered from depression and low self-esteem, they reported a dramatic improvement during periods in their life when they were the most hugged.
  10. 1 years old is the average age when humans initiate hugs on their own (provided they were hugged up until that point by their family).