With people working 60 hour work weeks, the growing trend of sleep pods and nap caskets is on the rise especially in big cities. BandMark took a look at the top 10 and narrowed down the top 3 that we feel are the most innovative, look super damn cozy and are frankly way cool!

#1 The Bonkers Ostrich Pillow 
If you don’t mind looking like a trendy, geeky over the top hipster, than wearing this ridiculous nap hat will do the trick! It looks really comfy and it also doubles up as a protective barrier against the twisted trend of teenagers randomly knocking out strangers in public. Chances are, someone who wishes to knock someone out is not going to aim at your big cushioned head!

#2 The Napak inflatable nap pod
This modern German design win, looks major comfy and innovative if you do not mind making a very LOUD statement while you quietly nap! We can see this being a cool pod for an office and in many ways seems more like a trendy art installation than an actual consumer product. I cannot see the price, but I am guessing it’s unreasonable. We still love it!

#3 NapAnywhere 
Developed by an SEO expert possibly haha who wins the search engine ranking big time for “Nap anywhere”. By far the most practical and least embarassing of the three. I can see this being extremely effective on planes where the classic neck doughnut fails to keep your head up and neck from being strained.

The Nap hoody in honorable mention! Hello sporty spice and def not embarrassing. Wear it over anything and under your jacket. The only problem we can see is that it does not look drastically comfier than let’s say your actual hooded sweatshirt..