Forget all the rumors about Myspace being dead: until we find a real replacement, Myspace is still the go-to site for fans and bands to connect. Unfortunately we have all seen our share of ugly myspace pages…you know, the ones where people try to cram EVERYTHING into a single page – AND make it flash, ouch! Not only was this Myspace showcased on a popular Zefrank post called I know me, some ugly Myspace but it was pretty easy to locate in most social bookmarking sites as well! It is so unbelievably ugly that one can consider that this was the intent, but really – why is having a very ugly Myspace an important goal for you?!

BandMark recommends Myspace to our clients – it’s a powerful tool for sharing your music and your tour dates with potential fans. Just take a moment to look at your Myspace and ask yourself these TOUGH questions:

Is my Myspace hard to read?

Glitter text and flashing gifs make your text difficult to decipher. Too much stuff on the page can overwhelm your fans. If they can’t find your tour dates they won’t show up at your club show! Decide what you want to showcase and keep it simple. Make sure your font (style and color) is readable against your background image.

Is  my Myspace slow to load?

Animations and movies take longer to load – and some of those crazy backgrounds can take FOREVER! Your fans may have slower access than you do (some people still have dialup, right?). If a page takes too long to load, impatient fans will not wait. Swap out that crazy background for something simpler. If you have a lot of video content try showcasing different videos every month.

Is my Myspace cross-browser compatible?

You don’t need to get super technical to insure your site works for most of your fans. IE and Firefox are the most popular browsers, but Google Chrome and Safari are close behind. Ask your friends and family what browser they use, and get some volunteers to check your page. Try logging in from public libraries and internet cafes to see how your site works.

Is my Myspace ugly?

Ok, so, this is more of a judgement call, but seriously: after spending so much time on your site layout, it is probably tough for you to see it critically. Send your link to some friends whose style you like, and ask for their (honest) feedback. You don’t necessarily need to make all the changes they recommend, but if more than one person mentions a particular issue, you should really consider making a change.

Myspace is a great way to get the word out about your band, your shows, your latest EP and your videos. Answering these questions will help you keep your MESSAGE on top of the all the noise.