When BandMark subscribed to Netflix US, suddenly my viewing world got a lot bigger AND weirder. From documentaries to foreign films, little known TV series and reality shows, I would say I officially have enough view-able content to continue avoiding to have to pay for traditional TV cable. When friends talk about some crazy chick on THE BACHELOR or the GRAMMY’S, I do sometimes want to suddenly subscribe to a community of popular viewing but generally speaking you can find almost anything online anyways.

Every now and again I get bored of my shows and venture into unknown territory aka MY STRANGE ADDICTION. A boomingly popular documentary series from TLC, this show covers typically 2 unusual addicts per episode. Sometimes the addictions are mostly harmless and fairly common like a woman who is purchasing way too many shoes. Other times, the addict is far more disturbing and shocking like the woman who is addicted to eating household cleaning products like COMET!

The show takes us from the addict, to their environment (where generally they confront an unsuspecting friend or family member about their strange habit) and eventually to a doctor or shrink where they are getting help for the affliction. The show is entertaining but leaves me feeling too mind bent and frankly grossed out. Too many of the addictions involve eating totally absurdly dangerous things, making a difficult show to watch while having a snack! Like a haunted house, or scary novel, I also feel I have reached my shock quota capacity to watch further, with the episode of the guy who is having an actual relationship with his car! The world is weird enough frankly without me knowing about MORE weirdos! Although I enjoyed many of these shows and they were fun to discuss with friends who were also watching MY STRANGE ADDICTION, It’s back to WALT DISNEY for me.

Below (for the brave) is the trailer for the guy who is sleeping with his car! Thank god I saw this show before I went to the auto show…