Montreal Hidden Bars That are a Best Kept Secret

Montreal has always had secret bars or as the French say Les bars CACHÉS! While names have just changed over the years, the phenomenon will be a part of Montreal’s nightlife forever.  With its old laneways and winding streets throughout the island, there is no lack of urban planning necessary for motivated entrepreneurs to launch a reclaimed garage as a bar on a side street.

What is interesting about the idea of a hidden bar is that it may be someone’s stomping grounds and their regular bar, depending on where they live! I used to hang out at this lounge on Notre Dame that no one knew about, it had a very short life that only lasted 6 months, so it actually never got popular. I don’t even remember the name off-hand but it was big on fancy retro cocktails and they had magnificently MEGA huge round ice cubes which I thought were just fabulous! Funny how it’s SO Damn hidden, I can’t even find it off the tip of my tongue lol! It was def in Old Montreal for a blink and it was on the corner of St-Jean.

O.k Hidden Montreal bar hunters, I hope you enjoy this list and if you have other ideas to contribute – just DM us on Instagram! @BestKeptMTL

Tequila & Mezcal lovers unite! (Yes they service the wacky worm!) This bar is tucked away in Old Montreal which is already hidden in a place full of ghostly old stone charms. Blue ice and blood orange mixology await those looking for a sexy nightcap.
ADDRESS: 436 Saint Francois Xavier

1 Tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR!

Milky Way
Space travelers, you must get off your ship and step into this! In 2009 “The Point” as in Point-St-Charles got a little sharper with this hot cocktail bar.  With its otherworldly glamour decor, this bar will transport you to an epic escape into the unknown. Friendly and eclectic, the vibe keeps changing but is always fun!
1886 Centre St.

Now this looks fun! (photo from Milky Way FB)

Le A Bar
This is a great bar if you are already trashed and won’t mind how small it is! It is a personal fave of mine if I have already gone out to a show or dinner and I don’t want to go home quite yet… With an impressive curation of hard liquor, it’s a great shooter bar. Service is surprisingly fast given the crowded bar of chaotic clientele.
ADDRESS: 213 Rue Rachel E.

No Name Bar
This bar is actually not very hidden from pedestrians, it’s more online hidden because it has no name! It has been coined simply, the No Name bar on Parc. I used to go to a fun Philosophy club here, where we would talk about all sorts of things over drinks, mint tea and snacks. Def a Moroccan feel and super retro hipster staff make the joint feel pretty James bond exotic mission lounge.
ADDRESS: 5295 Av du Parc

Mystical Morocco!
Mystical Morocco!

We’ve featured this in a blog in and of itself here! We’ve been a fan of Venice for a while. They were probably the first Poke bar in Old MTL and they have a killer lime gelato popsicle…. but did you know they run a secret Speakeasy? Their Instagram is like a visual trip to Miami’s Art deco wonderland and tackylicious nightlife scene with a hint of 80s neon realness. Check it out to find out what nights to check out!
ADDRESS: 436 St François-Xavier

If you are still in the exploration mode and creative cocktails are what you fancy, we recommend checking out the Invasion Cocktail Festival. It’s only on until tomorrow and then you will have to wait another year or look at the list of 40 mixology bars link within that article. There might be more Montreal hidden bars to find!