With a hundred-odd festivals all screaming from the colorful summer streets of Montreal, Mutek stands out as a little less traditional: With 16 years of electronic DJs, light and sound installments and space-time bending through digital composition, Mutek is not your standard Jazz Fest or Osheaga indie-rock-love.

Montreal is an overwhelming, smashed-up palette of vibrant sound, with festivals crammed into every season, so for those of you looking for something a little more transcendent and trippy, Mutek is where you want to be starting. Right now.

This five-day festival kicks off today, Wednesday, and will take you right until the 31st, in a blaze of lights, sound and experimentation.

Montreal is merely the springboard to take listeners through an intersetellar journey of cosmic play, from Mexico City to Berlin, from Bogota to Barcelona.

Muteks’ headliners have come from all over this planet to showcase monolithic dreams and crazy compositions, and while this festival’s schedule may appear vast, Mutek has somehow managed to make the globe musically accessible for us, and has even included a database of all the innovative artists who have been involved over the years.

Check this year’s schedule here, and we’ll see you among the stars and sounds.

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