Summer in Montreal = cultural urbanism. We dwell on the developing arts, and take pride introducing innovative visions via hidden local and international talent. The diversity of our culture has created a generation of entrepreneurs and artists striving to find and expose the creative minds of this world. It is freedom of self expression. We see outside of our city for this reason, and it brings out an open mindedness. It puts Montreal on the map of top cities to live in and visit. We never fall short in the “Europe” of North America; thriving on conceptual diversification.

With that has brought about a new, emergent street festival here in Montreal called Mural Fest. Street art as a trending topic at the moment, we are not far behind the famous Miami Art Basal or even Chemainus, which is known as the largest global mural community in existence.  Mural fest is produced by a local artistic marketing agency called LNDMRK. This is a creative group of young, open minded individuals with one key goal: promotion through art. Drawing their inspiration from the underground culture, LNDMRK, and I quote, offers you the ability to expose your brand and offers creative and original advertising integration. As of June 4th Saint Laurent Blvd has been completely shut down in honor of artistic expression. For the third consecutive year, it has proven to be a great outlet for artistic talent from all over the world, coming from far and wide to produce magic on the walls of our wonderful city. Some of them are very well known, while others are still up & coming. Keep a look out; I will be interviewing artists today and you can read all about it + check out our photo album shortly.

Spread out over 11 full days this year, we have seen a variety of events including exhibitions, conferences, showcasing and even a few ping pong tournaments. For its closing weekend there are 2 huge block parties going on; the Osheaga block party on Saturday and the infamous Fools gold home coming on Sunday. It’s going to be one hell of a rager, can someone say A-trak babayyyyyy!


This will definitely be the biggest weekend to date for Mural fest. The Saintwoods boys and the various teams they work with such as LNDMRK and Station 16 are working on the gentrification of Saint Laurent boul, and are looking to cultivate a developing scene for the infamous boulevard that went into a downward spiral and is working on a fresh identity. So far they seem to be on the right track.

There are a few days left so come on by and take advantage of all the different activities going on. You do need tickets for the block parties, but if you are on a budget you can still come down, hang in the streets and take advantage from a distance, it is so worth it. Click here for all the info. C ya on the streets!