April 7, 2018 get ready to let loose and uncovered at Théâtre Paradoxe!

MTL Uncovered is a night exhibition that brings together independent artists, photography, food, drinks, music and more! If the video below doesn’t get you overly excited I don’t know what will! This successful event will definitely sell out, buy your tickets HERE.

A collection of artists from all disciplinaries coming together and showcasing their passions and talents. We have painters, musicians, artisan makers —there are people from every background celebrating their love for culture and art. Below is a piece from Eric Pare.

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MTL UNCOVERED PAINTER SPOTLIGHT: @ericparephoto Eric Paré est un "light- painter" canadien. Son travail a été présenté sur CNN, MTV, BBC, Vice et TEDx. Au cours des dernières années, il a fait des ateliers et des conférences dans des villes comme Dubaï, San Francisco, Mexico, NYC et Toronto. La plupart de ses images sont éclairées à la main en une seule seconde sans source de lumière externe intentionnelle. Quand il ne voyage pas, il se retrouve dans son studio à Montréal où il crée 360 ​​images en utilisant 84 caméras. Il est également derrière le concept de "Tube Stories" qui consiste à faire de la peinture légère à l'aide d'un simple tube en plastique. Vous voudrez voir cet artiste lors de la prochaine édition de printemps de MTL Uncovered au Théâtre Paradoxe le 18 aout 2017, obtenez vos billets maintenant! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Eric Paré is a Canadian light-painter. His work has been featured on CNN, MTV, BBC, Vice and TEDx. Over the last years, he did workshops and conferences in cities such as Dubai, San Francisco, Mexico City, NYC and Toronto. Most of his pictures are lit by hand in a single second with no intentional external source of light. When he is not traveling, he can be found in his studio in Montreal where he creates 360 images using 84 cameras. He’s also behind the concept of the “Tube Stories” which consists of doing light-painting using a simple plastic tube. You'll want to see this artist at the upcoming spring edition of MTL Uncovered at Théâtre Paradoxe August 18, 2017, get your tickets now! #mtluncovered #mtl #artist

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The venue is a beautiful traditional church that is a remarkable piece of art in itself. You will immerse yourself in the colours of the windows reflecting the artists and their pieces.

The whole place will be transformed into a perfect wonderland of art and you will see the passions of everyone involved shine!

A ticket will provide you drinks (if you’re over 18) and the music will have you shaking your booties! I advise you to dress comfortably to experience this event to the fullest! We have artists and DJ’s giving you their best of local and international music. Local vendors and artisans will have you experience something different, and enticing. Montreal’s best local musicians will set the mood for art, local culture and MTL Nightlife. Below is the jewelry company Lost Apostle

“As you walk through the doors of the 100 year old Théâtre Paradoxe, expect to stimulate all of your senses. The smell of tapas dishes from Montreal’s most trendy, leading restaurants will get your mouth watering. The sight of the city’s most innovative artists will pique your visual curiosity. ”

I am actually super excited to get to share my love for art with other patrons and more importantly, artists who dedicate their lives to art! Mtl uncovered will definitely sell out, and you can buy your tickets HERE.