BandMark friday Blog

Wow what a week it has been. I am wiped!! BandMarkTV went concert hopping with August Burns Red and The Architects, and we were living the high life at Montreal Fashion week. I am editing footage for the first BandMarkTV spot and after the Halloween madness you guys will get a real treat 😉

MTL Concerts

Oct 16 3 Inches Of Blood @ Studio
Oct 16 & 17 Metric @ Metropolis
Oct 17 OutKast @ Club Soda
Oct 20 The New Cities @ Club Soda
Oct 21 The Used @
Oct 21 The Ravonettes @ Club Soda

CD Releases/Top 5 Press Picks

Rammstein ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da’
Cartel ‘Cyclesf’
Electric Six ‘Kill’
Lyle Lovett ‘Natural Foces’
Tim McGraw ‘Southern Voice’

Video Of The Week

It’s is no secret that Jonny Craig has had some rough times. He has had bad breakups with a lot of the bands he has been in over the years, problems with drug addiction and women. I met him through common friends, and had a chance to hangout while he was in Montreal. No great experience to brag about. One thing that cannot be denied is this guy’s voice. And now with the first single off his solo release, you can see he has true talent. I am blown away by this song an it fits so right with me at this time. Take a listen, Im really diggin it.


Local Scenester

Name: Oli Sykes
Age: 22
Job: Vocalist
Webiste: www.myspace.combmth

Last week I had the chance to spend the day with my boy Oli Sykes from Bring me The Horizon. Oli was in town for his show at Metropolis as well as to use some of our mutual friends in his photo shoot for his clothing line Drop Dead. You`re getting a sneak peak at just a few items, that I was allowed to show you. Oli has really turned this small clothing line into a full blown business that made over a million dollars in sales last year an now employs his family. After the shoot we headed to the venue and hung out until it was time to hit the stage. My head wasn’t really at the show last night, but I did manage to pull off some amazing pictures for you guys to check out. BandMark Flickr

Contest & Giveaways


Last week we at BandMark held our first contest of a brand new PKG messenger bag. We were flooded with entries however only 1 of you and your poor excuse for a bag really stood out. Congratulations to Amy Dimaio, your beautiful new Messenger bag awaits you at the BandMark offices!

This week`s contest is pretty cool. BandMark has a very famous red velvet chair, super sexy and retro and we don`t just let anyone sit in it! We only let Rockstars and our BFF`s go near it. The lucky winner of this week`s contest gets a photoshoot posing in it + lunch with BandMark. Will be a super fun afternoon. To enter, simply write [email protected]

Next Week we have a real treat for all you ladies. A designer Clutch from the 2010 Miss Mak collection for you to win!!!

The Loot Bag of randomness!

Like Japanese animation movies? Not as much as this guy. He must be the weird Uncle in the family, still way cooler than you hahah. Amazing.

My friend Steve who works in Beverly Hills @ MySpace sent me during an AIM convo. Always good for a laugh this link had me slayed for hrs. Dont wait for an ending, its just loops an repeats but it is def Friday madness hahah.

Ever wondered what OBAMA rides in? Presenting OBAMA`S Secret Service limo LMAO.  Like WTF totally.

Have a great weekend everyone!!