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Another big week here at BandMark. It started off crazy with me being crushed by 1,000 rabid 15 year old girls in a mosh pit for The New Cities, where I was right in the middle to get you guys the best damn pictures! We also started “Tattoo Sessions” this week, stay tuned for that. We are collecting lots of footage and pictures of all the weekly shows and events we post. We have had a lot of you come up to us which is simply great, don’t stop!! We are going to have a fan page soon where you will be able to snag all the pix we take of you guys at events and shows so you can add them to your Facebooks or MySpace accounts. So if you see us, strike a pose. Chances are you will end up  here.

MTL Concerts

Oct 26 – 24th Anniversary party @ Quai des Brumes
Oct 27 – From First To Last @ Metropolis
Oct 29 – Moneen @Underworld
Oct 30 – Jay Z @ Bell Center


MTL Events & Festivals

Oct 25 – Pepsi BMX Pro AM @ Taz
Oct 26 – RedBull 3 x 3 Street Style @ McGill University

CD Releases/Top 5 Press Picks

Atreyu, ‘Congregation of the Damned”
Sting, ‘If on a Winter’s Night’
Tegan And Sara,’Sainthood’
Creed,’Full Circle’

Video Of The Week

In the deep dark corners of the universe, Killtron prepared intergalactic beats as Rocom defended the universe with his lyrical prowess. The battle against whack ass music was a trying one. With the insurmountable heaps of shitty music building up around them, they had no choice but to join forces and become Boombox Ninjas hahahaha. The newest single By the LA natives “Kill All Robots” is close to me. I got my hands on their EP and its simply amazing from start to finish. These dudes are on tour right now in the US so make sure to catch them if they hit up a venue near you.


BoomBox Ninjas on MySpace
Boombox Ninjas on FaceBook

Local Scenester

Name: Michael Shantz
Age: 26
Job: Artist

Chances are you have seen his art b4, If NOT you must be living under a rock. Shantz was the lead designer for Drop Dead and his T-shirts are everywhere. He is presently blowing major art out of his Montreal home in the Mile End and making big moves. I have been spending a lot of time with Shantz lately. Between hangouts, going to shows and working on a small project or 2 together, most of my time has been devoted to work and him. I had a chance to step into the lair of the Devil himself and came out alive and with a few pix hahah. Shantz has so much 80’s goodies its awesome, and the majority of it is all mint. His house was insanity, amazing art, great toys and enuff upside down crosses to burn every church in North America. Def a cool place…..for a visit. BandMark is lucky to be having him come paint our logo ‘Shantz style’ on our Old Montreal loft’s dope white brick wall- which you will see in a new post later.

Contest & Giveaways

Ooh ladies, this one is for you! The gorgeous and fabulous new fashion sensation Miss Mak has created the swankest, sexiest, fiercer than feline haute couture clutches made of fine leather and BandMark will be giving one away to the first chiquita who emails us a pic of her smallest, most fashionable “nightlife“ purse.  The winner will also be getting Lisa Mac`s fashion week samples inside the purse (Cream, lip gloss…) email [email protected] to enter!

The Loot Bag of randomness!

Springfield has gotten steamier as Marge Simpson poses for the November issue of Playboy. “Marge Simpson is the quintessential girl next door who stole our hearts 20 years ago and has held them captive ever since,” says Hugh Hefner. “We were delighted to learn she wanted to grace the pages of our magazine. Her pictorial is truly stunning.” Here are some highlights from Playboy’s chat with the self-described MILK (”moms I’d like to know”):

On her family’s reactions to her Playboy pictorial: “Homer said he was intrigued because he had never heard of [Playboy]. The notion of women posing in the buff was completely foreign to him. Wasn’t it sweet of him to lie?”

On the time that she knew Homer was the one: “Well, when the doctor said I was pregnant, I heard a voice saying That’s the man you’re going to marry. The voice was my mother’s.”

On the advice she gives Bart regarding women: “I say, ‘You won’t meet any girls in prison, which is where you seem to be headed.’”

The November issue of Playboy is on newsstands and online Now. Is it bad that Marge gave me wood?

This has nothing to do with Jessica Alba. The video below is the last 10 minutes of the lost Fantastic Four “film” that was never released…and for good fucking reason. Yes it’s old (1994), but keep in mind that’s still 3 years after Terminator 2 came out and one year after Jurassic Park, for chrissakes, so there’s absolutely no excuse for the piss poor special effects (and acting) in this crappy flick. This looks like it was made in the parking lot of a Best Western with a camcorder and closet full of spandex. And what exactly is up with Doctor Doom’s hand gestures? What is he?, a hand model? My goodness, thank god Marvel got its shit together and started putting stuff out like X-Men. Really, this one’s strictly for the comic nerds. Watch the video if you want to see the trailer for this cinematic abortion…

Stop and enjoy the Jiggly stuff and have a great week-end!

I-Movix Sprintcam v3 sample shots from David Coiffier on Vimeo.