It’s Cabane A Sucre time! And although I can’t find the damn accent for the A in Cabane A sucre on my keyboard… I CAN find the 5 best C.A.S experience for your foodie needs, without you having to rent a car, get on a long bus or leave the island of Montreal.

WHAT: Cabane Panache et bois rond
WHEN: March 22-25, 2018 (hurry last weekend!)
WHERE: Verdun

WHAT: Festival Geulle d’Erable
WHEN: April 28 & 29, 2018
WHERE: Old Port

WHAT: 3 Maple chefs! 
WHEN: April 12-22, 2018
WHERE: Restaurants: Pastaga, Tapeo, Chez Victoire

WHAT: 3 Cabane A Sucre Brunch!
WHEN: MARCH 17-April 14th, 2018
WHERE: Caribou Gourmand

WHAT: Cabane A Sucre Brunch!
WHEN: MARCH Weekends until March 31st!
WHERE: Le Richmond