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Movember | The Movement for Men

Movember | The Movement for Men


In a generation that is currently overwhelmed with self-proclaimed “Feminism”, perverted scandals and lawsuits being thrown at high powered men left right and center, I believe we are all forgetting about 1 very important factor: the men in our everyday lives. The men that love us, marry us, care for us, bare our children, protect our lives – the real men of this world! Movember is a month to shine a light on the men in this world.

Sure, sure, it is all fun and games when a self righteous, intelligent woman stands up to the Man and fights the system and all those men who control it, but it is entirely another thing when we start bashing men to the point that the ones in our everyday lives feel the wrath and guilt of these very public situations. We need to keep in mind the good men we know, the ones dear to our hearts, the ones who have taken care of us in times of need and supported us when they probably never should have. We need to celebrate THEM!


That being said, this article is all about advocating for men!! As much as we sometimes hate them and what history has shown us to be true for so long, we cannot deny that we love them and we need them just as much as they need us. We need to remember the good that does exist. And we need to remember that their health is just as important as ours.  

Movember is the motion for this movement.

Even though Movember is really only celebrated for 1 month out of the year, we need to remember that it needs our attention all year round just like any form of developing cancer or disease.

Men deserve more than 1 month to generate attention to their well being. And I believe looking at Movember as more than just a month, but truly an annual campaign raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer is a must. It was thriving for quite a few years and has seen the decline in more recent years, and that needs to change. STAT!

FACT: 1 in 20 men will not survive their battle with Testicular cancer in Canada. The average age group is between 15-29 years old.

FACT: Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian men. Found early, the survival rate is 98%, but if discovered late, there is a 26% survival rate beyond 5 years.

FACT: 1 in 2 men in Canada are diagnosed with Cancer.

These are real numbers.  

Not only do all participating foundations such as the Movember Foundation – which is on the top 50 non governmental organizations around the world, starting in 2003 with 30 bros to more than 5,000,000 mo-bros and sistas currently around the world today- and PROcure, a local non government organization which helps the biomedical research community with the development and study of the disease offer you the ability to donate online, or even register as a volunteer.

But there are some fun events happening in our city that revolve around supporting the cause. Just buying a ticket, participating in any of these events or just straight out donating will have you feeling like you did a good deed. Don’t be shy, and raise awareness. 

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