Montreal news feeds are ablaze with all the disaster drama of one of the most devastating floods we have seen in over 50 years, in the West Island boroughs.

From the firefighters to people canoeing to the dep and now the army, we have all seen the shocking footage of houses surrounded by several feet of water; the kind of news we are used to seeing in the 3rd world has hit home.

By the way, here is the bestest blog ever on how to help the Montreal Flood by the awesome blog FlourishAndKnot.

Despite this bad news, there is some rather good news to share and at Best Kept Montreal, we pride ourselves on bringing Montrealers unique musical discoveries, fine dining, art and social causes.

When we heard about this awesome Facebook group: West Island Flood Volunteers that has been created to organize efforts, we knew this was our way of helping! So without further ado, let me introduce to you, possibly the Best thing to come out of the #WestIslandFlood2017:

A Special Mother’s Day event for those affected by the Montreal Flood.

A very kind group of about 15 people have  have been working very hard to set up a nice Mother’s Day treat for those affected by the flooding, the admin peeps for the event are: Lisa Goldstein-Savelson, Hall Ludwick, Hilary Ludwick-Blau & Henriette Gerlings.

It’s important that all of the moms, grandmas, aunts, etc, be able to enjoy a warm and special Mother’s day despite the difficult circumstances. All those affected by the Montreal Flood can RSVP right here.

The Holiday Inn Pointe Claire has graciously given us a banquet room, and we have been getting delicious food donations for the event, hopefully, some nice surprises too. We can accommodate 100 guests, so keep sharing until we max out attendance.

Please spread the word to all of the affected communities. Simply sharing this post to your FB wall, might make just 1 mom’s day!