Have you been falling for all the clickbait journalism about Valérie Plante? Did you look into the policies you oppose and who is actually behind them?

What many do not realize, is that the ideological seed of fascist discourse does not need a totalitarian police state to manifest. On the contrary, fascist discourses are a particular political response to the management challenges modern capitalist society is confronted with in specific circumstances – and as a result, fascist political discourses can appear in a variety of forms.

All social discourse is a product of human imagination and fantasy. Fascist ideologies in particular are born out of a real, or imagined, social crisis driven to forcefully restore/create some form of social order to the detriment of those who do not share the same fantasy or societal vision.

When Projet Montréal swept into power in November 2017, it was primarily due to Montrealers being fed up with the quagmires faced by the previous Coderre administration which tried to apply much needed ‘renovations’ to one of the oldest cities in North America. The growing metropolis literally ripped itself apart as it replaced century old sewers and water mains, rebuilt roadways and bridges, and tried desperately to find new ways to manage ever increasing population, traffic congestion, waste, and air pollution. The result was infrastructural chaos as neighborhoods would go without roads and water, businesses would close, traffic congestion increased, and public transportation groaned under the weight of rapidly increasing demand. People quickly became malcontent with the state of their city and its government.

The multiple crises Montreal was experiencing as a growing metropolis, turned voters towards the promises and vision that Projet Montréal, and its leader Valérie Plante, espoused. After all, Projet Montréal stood on a platform of increased democracy and participation for its citizens in municipal governance – wrapped in a wonderful gift bag of sustainable environmental policy for a future modern city. Montrealers felt a breath of fresh air with a new administration that offered an environmentally friendly change from the infrastructural Coderre-chaos. What they didn’t realize yet was that they started breathing too soon… Montrealers were hoodwinked as they unwittingly elected a bunch of self-righteous, eco-fundamentalist wolves parading in sheep’s clothing.

While I praise Valérie Plante for being Montreal’s first female mayor, she is merely a populist puppet for the real ideological architect and defacto leader of the party, Luc Ferrandez.

He worries about the plateau, he sees economic development as a cancer, as a threat to the green vision he has in his head. He wants his borough to be a hands-on community where people can walk to all the services that they need despite the fact that half of the year we live in a polar sub-zero zone. He wants to remove parking spots, remove automobile access, and create bike lanes everywhere. How does that help a pregnant single mother who needs to go to a daycare or a doctor in February? He wants Montreal to become some kind of village.

He even talks about ‘villages’ as a policy metaphor to apply to the rest of the city – which gives me the creeps as it is reminiscent of the Nazis lamenting modernization and wanting a return to the ‘village’, the ‘soil’, and blood of the ‘volk’ or people.

Well guess what? The village has let its idiot run amok. One cannot run a modern metropolis like a rural village, no matter how much you want the streets to be green. Development needs to take place in order to create/maintain jobs and continue the economic progress of the city. And as population increases, more parking spots and municipal services need to made available to the population.

Yet, according to Herr Ferrandez, he wants to make the city as much of an inconvenience to its citizens as possible in order to encourage them to migrate out to the suburbs. He does not seem interested whatsoever in encouraging Montrealers to stay in their own city due to his obsession to try to transform Montreal into a ‘Jardin de Luxembourg’.

How ridiculous is Ferrandez? He decided to cancel all snow removal in his borough if 5cm of snow or less fell.

His logic? To save money. He figured the environment Gods would naturally take care of the snowfall and the city would save. Yet the snow came, and caused neighborhood chaos as people were late in getting to work because the roads were not clear and public transportation was running late. In fact, that lateness and delays cost the city more money in unproductiveness than it did in savings. But to Ferrandez, it did not matter cause his fascist arrogance and belief in his own ideologies were more important than the complaints of his constituents asking him for effective snow removal.

And he made the same arrogant mistake when he took office in Montreal’s city hall before Christmas – letting Montrealers break their ankles on un-salted ice for weeks in January due to his faith that the weather itself would take care of the city’s snow removal.

And in true fascist style, he then tried to distract the people by attacking his own party leader and Mayor on a tax issue.

Perhaps his most ambitious and fascist move to date is his decision (and it was HIS decision) to close the Camillien-Houde roadway that allows traffic to cross the Mount Royal. Fascist why? Because the decision was made without any public consultation. Ironic for a party that prides itself on participatory democracy. And when Montrealers lost it and gathered a huge petition, it was ignored. Instead, City Hall announced that a round of public consultations would happen in May right before the date of closing the roadway on June 1st, which is effectively a way to muzzle the public from any real debate or consultation seeing as it does not give any real time for public feedback to be implemented by June 1st in any realistic way whatsoever.

However, by closing the roadway he is actually increasing pollution and congestion as more cars will be unable to cut across the mountain and will have to join the rest of the vehicles that use streets like Sherbrooke, Avenue des Pins, etc.

This will only add to traffic wait times and increase air pollution as vehicles pile up in congestion. Also, cars will still be able to go up the mountain, just not cross it. How does that protect any cyclist or reduce pollution on the mountain? It makes absolutely no sense. There is also the question of emergency vehicles that have expressed concern of no longer being able to cross the mountain to deliver services.

Yet Luc Ferrandez sits back, contently thinking that he is providing all of us a service cause he is crusading against the problems he perceives as plaguing our society and our city.

The real problem however is that he never asked any of us if we share the same perceptions – instead he is content to ram his own ecological facist solutions down our throat to the detriment of real democratic procedure and legislation. Perhaps most worrisome of all is that he is maliciously using our first female mayor ever as a puppet to achieve his stupid one-dimensional goals.

This administration is rotten and not in service for you. They are self-centered crypto fascist ideologues that actually do not want to hear from you. Vote them out the next chance you get.


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Billy Wilde