Summer in Montreal is a full-on, head-first, all-night, too-loud, sun-sodden, festival-wild, slow-burn. Such a montage of madness requires an incendiary soundtrack. And, obviously, a thesaurus. If you’re soul-searching for a playlist (and a couple more words for your vocabulary), then you have stumbled upon the appropriate corner of the internet. It’s SUMMER IN MONTREAL, you beautiful fools. Let’s never sleep. Let’s listen to this:


This local five-piece is described by their label (Art Not Love Records) as doing “Icelandic folk songs” and psych-pop, but Syngja is also exultant, fun, and may cause uncontrolled day dreaming.

Syngja just had a launch party at the Theatre Rialto for their album, Lang Amma, and if you like music that fills you with wonder, making you skip through the shimmering heat waves in a spontaneous dance, then Syngja is definitely your jam.


jo passed

jo passed is everything you wanna listen to as you trip through town thinking life is weird, and you’re weird in it. Jaw-grinding punk riffs displayed around lovely melodies, poems as lyrics, and half-asleep ideas sprawl around grit and song. For some real reference, Passed said he was “inspired by the classic freakazoid avant-punk of Pere Ubu.”

His newest offering, UP EP, released on the Golden Brown label in July, has got me pretty excited.

I got all shocked and awed when I saw him play a couple months ago. Now touring the best coast (Seattle, Vancouver, and all those other places), if you like having your heart torn all up in strange ways, then chuck on this song, that’s what it did to me.


King Woman

King Woman (a.k.a. Kristina Esfandiari, Colin Gallagher, Joey Raygoza and Peter Arensdorf) are from San Francisco, not Montreal, but that’s okay, Montreal is a musical portal to the rest of the world, didn’t you hear? Besides, this band is King, now bow down. The most bad ass jams I’ve heard in a long time, King Woman reverberates a heavy atmosphere of guitar-laden music, and a ferocity of experimental jams that while dark, is also satisfying and energizing enough to have you running all over this city with a smile on your face.



Ylang Ylang is perfect for when you’re lying belly up on the Mountain, sun-baked and hiding from the flocks of militant cops that love to hang out at Tam Tams. Ylang Ylang effervescently pushes you into a dream-state. She is mischievous with her sounds, pulling you into jagged shards of electronic windows, windows that look in on the wildness of a wandering summer. Put it on and drift off somewhere strange (like La Vitrola on June 1oth, where you can actually catch this live).



Infinity has a sound, and it’s being made by Year of Glad. With Exlcaim! saying  their music is “[s]ymphonically arranged and dynamically executed,” and Beatroute saying that “it’s an objective truth that [Old Growth] is an amazing record,” what else can be said?! Put their music on and soar away into some crazy celestial summer trip, my friends. Oh, and GO TO THIS SHOW.