The first weekend of Mural Fest was a great success: the art, the food, the music, and of course the Montreal streetwear!

Every year on St-Laurent, Mural introduces me to my new favourite Montreal streetwear brand.

This year was no different. Except I might have more than one this time.

Le Cartel Clothing was there last year, and it was a pleasure to see their pop-up merch tent yet again. These talented guys make art and silk-screen it, in Montreal, on comfy tees as well as other wearable mediums. This Mural Fest, they have an exclusive collab with @crayonpapier, called SPACE ODYSSEY….because who wouldn’t want to wear a space shirt!

A new merch tent on The Main this year was LoClasse, and I was loving what they were offering.

Themselves local artists, they’ve developed an art and entertainment agency to promote other local brands and local artists. Some treasures I fell for in that tent included that powder blue PURELUCKX camp counselor cap, the minimal cool Class of Creators hoodie and all the just-too-perfect vintage picks of Closet Boutique. Take a look at  and their instagram to get a feel of Montreal’s artists and designers who will definitely be taking their city by storm by the end of Mural Fest.

Last but not least, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of ARTGANG. With two gallery-boutiques they have some of the best art I’ve seen in Montreal but I took a serious delight to the in-your-face ROYALTEES and the FAKE BRAND merch. Something about so bluntly taking the logo from high-end brands and modifying it or simply turning it over is so amusing to me. ArtGang also introduced me to an effortlessly cool collection called Boro.

Boro Clothing is a Montreal designed lifestyle brand taking us back to simpler times with Snoopy t-shirts and denim dad hats. Get a glimpse at the summer lookbook on their instagram.

If you’re interested in catching more of the streetwear fashion, I hear that tonight (tuesday) Atelier New Regime is throwing an awesome party. Click here for the facebook link to the event!

See you there!