Congratulations. You’ve survived another soul-shredding winter of discontent, my partners in serotonin-deprivation.

It’s time to stop partying in that desperate, apocalyptic way.  You live in Montreal, not rural Greenland. You’re going to warm up. Let’s throw ourselves into some musical experience, pretend to improve the qualities of our little North American lives, and die happy in our illusions.

Get out your day planner, and write this shit down.


The goth goddess is gracing us with her presence at Theatre Fairmount on May 16th, in a flock of bats, black cats, and beautiful crunchy guitar. This concert is going to go off in a blaze of melancholic rock n’ roll, and it’s one of those memorable musical experiences in our city that you don’t want to miss. Chelsea Wolfe is the only one I know who can chant “DEMONS, DEMONS, DEMONS,” over and over, and still have it be groovy. Touring 2015’s album, Abyss, Wolfe is known for her fluctuating, undulating sound, a sound that moves through shadows like a phantom.

She started out her musical career wearing a black veil over her face to ward off stage fright. Let me speak on behalf of everyone who will be at Chelsea Wolfe’s concert in May: Don’t be scared of us. We love you.



Well, well, well. Look who’s coming back to Canada. Long Live the Brian Jonestown Massacre. They’ve proven their resilience, their relevance, and their innovation, for longer than some of you little punks have been alive. They’ll be at La Tulipe on May 10th. Do NOT miss this one. Who knows when they’ll be back.

(I hate to even mention these weirdos in the same write up, but if you were stupid enough to swallow the propaganda of Dig! then you need to see Brian Jonestown more than most of us, to wash that dirty detritus from your ears. Brian Jonestown are STILL rocking and touring and playing Glastonbury to thousands of people and writing music. And the Dandy’s are STILL trying to convince us they’re cool. Get real).



Yeah, that’s right. Not all good musicians are 40 and younger. Hailing from an era that most of us cannot even relate to or appreciate, music proves once more that it reaches beyond age groups and generation gaps.

James Taylor is either someone you listened to as a kid, or your parents played for you when you were a kid. Earning my respect by still playing and touring and charming us all with a gorgeous style of playing a quiet guitar, James Taylor is an absolute pleasure to listen to, at home or live. Yes, he’s probably listed in that book “Stuff White People Like,” but…that doesn’t negate the man is a beautiful player who’s written some incredibly timeless tunes.



Formerly a local solo project playing under the name Milo McMahon, The Fine Line is a newly formed three piece fronted by McMahon himself. With a highly successful spring Canadian tour recently under their belt, and a new track release, The Fine Line will be at Le Verre Bouteille with the Blacksmiths on March 14th, and if you’re a fan of soulful rock done by members of your own hard working music community, come out and support these guys; they’re all heart.



Goddamn, March 19th is gonna be good. This show definitely has many bittersweetness elements to it. Not only will this be the last Fu-Tengs show, as member Shinn, a highly gifted musician, is leaving Montreal and breaking all our hearts, but Clara Engle is a master of poetic gloom and beautiful heartbreak. She is coming from Toronto to enchant us all.

As for Ylang Ylang, she is as visceral as biting into a pineapple in the middle of July. Am I being Overdramatic? she’s asked of us. I say fuck yes, and we love you for it, keep bringing us your musical drama, it’s audible pleasure in all of its most lucid strangeness (she being a “princess of existential doom.” Do you need to know more? No.)

This will probably change you, if you’re into that sort of thing.