Dear Fashion Diary…

I can’t begin to fathom the fact it’s only been a little over two weeks since I made the jump and moved here to Montreal – it’s insane! In a kindred way, timing can be everything. My very first week in the 514, I was lucky enough to join the Best Kept family and encounter some new experiences that were extremely exciting and eye-opening.

This week I was among the lucky souls that got to attend Fashion Preview #6. The 3-day event featured local and Canadian made fashions and designers, and welcomed into the mix Montreal’s fashion schools which were quite the sight to see – young talent is always key.

In terms of the fashion specifically, there was more than enough to cater to anyone’s personal style. There’s something to be said about this city and the people who live here; They’ve got a penchant for fashion and style. I’m unsure that I’ve ever felt so at ease being surrounded by so much eye candy. The reality of being at Fashion Preview truly delivered a lot of insight.


Boys with big hoop earrings, girls draped in mesh and asymmetrical scarves…

…embellished garments that looked like straight-up art pieces, it was beyond. Shout-out to the sassy male models strutting the runway in massive platform heels–that was a personal highlight! The models were all gorgeous and varied in race/ethnicities, height, and individual features.

The collections seemed very eclectic and unique to the designers–as most would, of course. Not like anything I have really seen before.

The designers and pop-up shops I had the pleasure of chatting with were very friendly and welcoming. As low-key as that may sound, they made me feel so comfortable and much more welcome to a new market. One that stood out to me was local designer Danniel Oickle and his brand of acrylic bow-ties, Guillotine.


Guillotine is a fresh and exciting concept. Reusing vintage silk from reputable fashion houses. Giving them a fabulous new life unique modern art that you can wear. They’re each one-of-a-kind, immediately setting them apart from other brands.

Honestly, the model inside me was aching to get up on that runway and strut my stuff along these Montreal beauties. The caliber of what I saw at Fashion Preview #6 was on a much higher level than what I have seen back home in Winnipeg. Being a working model and a (very new) fashion blogger gave a lot of contrast between the two aspects of the industry, and was more fun than I can fully put into words.

Montreal has delivered a lot of inspiration to me so far, and I couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter with you, along with the Best Kept Montreal family. Stay tuned for more as I navigate my way through this, the most fashionable city in our country.

Sincerely yours,

-J. Rendal