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Mimi La Nuit | Where groovy meets Gatsby

Mimi La Nuit | Where groovy meets Gatsby

Mimi La Nuit | Where groovy meets Gatsby 1

In a very discreet part of Old Montreal, away from the tourist swarm, lies la little nightlife trove of unique cocktails and foodie delights. Tucked in a busy strip of commerce, a discreet little sign leads the way into a swank groovy 70s audio heaven with tiny Gatsby-esque details like a fancy as f*ck backlit liquor wall & mysterious ballers passing through the dim lights to go to the private parties in secret-ish loft connected to the back bar.

I was invited to go with my most socialite blogger Michael Banks, who keeps me in the know of all the must-go. Without these thriving degrees of separation between me and essentially a new haute-hipster location popping up virtually daily in Montreal – I would discover these wonderful places when everyone else did, and frankly that would suck! Having grown up with architects and interior designers, renovators and loft re-vampers, I am particularly fond of enjoying myself in a space that is not finished yet. That feeling of the old space morphing into a new concept is the cool part. It was our 2nd invitation to Mimi la Nuit, our buddy Jeff Stinco’s new gastro bar baby. The Simple Plan guitarist is also behind other resto pubs: Laurea, Lorbeer & La Drinkerie and Shinji. We know Jeff from working with his management company Coalition Music on an Eastern Canadian tour they did years back, so it was nice to reconnect with him in a totally different industry.

Whenever I go out with Michael, we try to sum the space up in 5 quotes. This is partly to be pretentious haiku style poets but also to try and paint a picture with words instead of cheesy lazy photo sliders. Also the A.D.D can scroll down the descriptive dessert below..

Michael: “MIMI LA NUIT provides me with a panalopie of flavor and musical ingredients. I get transported into a wave of  disco groove,  while playfully sipping my Negroni around a perfectly modern large square blog of ice.”

Lisa: The short rib roast covered in horseradish oyster mousse is going to make it very hard for me to ever order anything else there, it’s just TOO GOOD.

Micheal: “There is no “ennui” at MIMI LA NUIT. 

Lisa: “THAT is my favorite spot.” (I tell the bartender). “Why is that your favorite spot?” (looking over at a high bar table of 4). “Because I have an uninterrupted view of people.  Sometimes it’s more fun to sip back and watch the social!”

Micheal: “She invites you in with her bold chalky brick entrance. She knows her history and how to have her way as she has me finish the night with the chocolat bar désert… Ahhhh Mimi… quel nuit !!!”


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