I hope you were lucky enough to catch the Montreal duo Milk & Bone at the opening day of Jazzfest. It was my first time hearing them and I fell hard for these two gorgeous ladies. After the show, I just had to do a little research and I gladly stumbled on some exciting news.

These gals have a collaboration with Montreal’s very own, and very first online prescription eyeglasses boutique, BonLook.

I’ve been wearing glasses for years, though I prefer my contact lenses, I’ve always wanted to have a closet full of funky and unique eyewear frames. Though they are necessary, doesn’t mean they should be boring right? I’m thinking glasses could be a fashionable accessory but none of that super hipster thick black frames and no lenses trend! Please!

Apparently, I’m not the only one with this dream. Sophie Boulanger, CEO of Bonlook, was frustrated that the possibility of finding affordable, unique and trendy designer glasses was very slim. In 2011, she and her brother decided to make it their mission to offer an array of eyewear styles, all top quality and trendy. All the designs are thought up and drawn at their offices in Montreal and then handmade with top-notch materials. The lenses are then made and adjusted by the North American world leader in prescription lenses manufacturing, Essilor.

They offer men and women frames that combine natural beauty, individuality, and practicality. They have an incredible amount of their own beautiful designs but they also have a couple collections born out of prestigious collaborations.

Two different eyewear designs came out of the Milk & Bone collaboration. Lolly by Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, who prefers cat eyes and funky colors, and Baby, the simple and cool aviators thought up by Camille Poliquin. These both come in different colored frames as well as the option of being prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. I find that the collection really embodies the duo’s electro-pop retro minimalist music and concert fashion.

Check out the collection here and have fun browsing through the rest of BonLook’s site. This is definitely going to change your regular glasses shopping game. You can shop online or go to one of their brick & mortar boutique locations.

Also, great news, the lovely ladies of Milk & Bone are in the studio right now recording their next album. I can’t wait to hear it!! In the meantime have yourself a listen!