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Milk & Bone | A Lifetime’s Worth of Growth

Milk & Bone | A Lifetime’s Worth of Growth

For quite some time, likely since the time I had moved here a couple years back, I had been seeing their name and faces plastered around town or circulating online. I’ve heard the music. I know they’ve got a cult following of sorts here in town and abroad through France/Europe… it wasn’t until last night that I learned exactly why.

A lifetime’s worth of growth in a year

Bonsound recording artist Milk & Bone seemed to up their game at last nights Theatre Maisonneuve show in Montreal. A years’ + worth of touring their debut record, Little Mourning, has brought the girls to a new level. Seeming more in-tune with each other and their set, Milk & Bone are well on their way to becoming a fully realized power-duo ready to take over the indie-pop/alt-pop world.

A somewhat somber and melancholy catalog, deep with brooding synthesizers and hauntingly beautiful harmonies, Milk & Bone have a signature that sound. It’s a very chill type of playback. I’ve always loved Milk & Bone records, though it takes a certain kind of mood to get deep into them, at least for me.

During last night’s show, the struggle to float away into their electronic melodies and perfectly pitched harmony was not present at all. The girls carried their set like the most professional of musicians. I have seen Milk & Bone live before, but never like this. The year in between the last event I went to clearly delivered a lot of live growth and experience that resonates strongly with the updated show, both sonically and visually.

To see a local act make international waves and develop a bigger fan base is always a sweet moment. When they hit that spot and the venue’s get bigger and bigger with every performance, it’s surreal to watch. Anyone who has paid attention to the early beginnings of Grimes, Busty & the Bass, or Heartstreets over the years will know this feeling. Seeing an artist you love and respect gain more traction over a short span of time can be equally as exciting for the fans as it is a wild ride and notion for the artist.

Milk & Bone played into this fact very well. They filled up Theatre Maisonneuve. On a stage that almost seemed too big for them, in a matter of space not presence, Milk & Bone charmed their way through their setlist running over an hour long. Backed with a wicked-smart visual display, everything came together perfectly for the duo.

Show highlights…

Highlight performances from the setlist have to be the live renditions of new(er) singles Poison and Natalie. Both these songs are beautiful records, it was a treat to finally hear em live. I want to give a shout-out to the girls for throwing it back to the early millennium with their cover of t.A.T.u’s All The Things She Said. This was a powerful moment. So much colour and huge sound emitted from the stationery duo. Easy to tell this is one of their favourite moments on stage.

My only criticism for this show would be at the setlist. Milk & Bone, as I mentioned, has a very somber type of electronic sound. During the performance of  Pressure(a definite fan favourite), they have this instrumental pick-up with a much faster tempo0. A section they just rock out with. I loved seeing this, I crave more of it.

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In the future, could be nice to rearrange the setlist to highlight some of these higher energy moments at the beginning or middle of a show, rather than in the middle and to the end. However, these are just my personal thoughts. If one thing was clear it is that Milk & Bone have got it figured out. I trust this is but the beginning and the next time I see them, they’ll come out and do something a little different.

Looking forward to it.

If you did not know, Milk & Bone’s Camille Poliquin is simultaneously promoting her solo project, KROY, and will be performing this week as part of M POUR MONTREAL. Don’t miss it!

See ya next time Milk & Bone, keep it coming!

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