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C2 Montreal | Michelle Williams and Varda Etienne WOWS audience

C2 Montreal | Michelle Williams and Varda Etienne WOWS audience

Montrealers anticipated one of the biggest stars on the planet to grace the stage at C2 Montreal this past week. Even I was prepared to sit in the front row with the hope that she would glimpse in my direction, completing a childhood wish to meet my hero. But her flight cancellation was met with a surprise guest speaker which we only knew about until she appeared on stage.

The lineup leading to the conference room was packed, as crowds started assembling thirty minutes in advance. Without knowing what to expect, we clamored at where to sit, looking around looking for some clues, but there was no indication of who would be gracing the stage.

As C2 Montreal host Varda Etienne greeted the large audience, she confirmed that we were in for a treat and built up our anticipation with our mystery guest. Then she said, “let’s welcome the generous and kind, Michelle Williams!” The crowd erupted in applause as Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child walked onto the stage. It was at that moment, the magic started.

Photo by Jimmy Hamelin

Michelle’s book “Checking in”, was the topic of discussion – where we learned of her struggles with depression and anxiety which started in the seventh grade. After checking herself into a treatment facility in 2018, she has made it her life’s purpose to create dialogue around the often taboo topic of depression and anxiety, and the importance of “checking in” on our loved ones. Click here for Michelle Wiliam’s book.

Photo by Jimmy Hamelin

The crowd was electric, and even Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau was invited to the stage to give her views on the advancement of mental health care in Canada, which was a monumental moment for everyone in attendance. She explained that while progress might seem to lag, the Canadian government has made strides as we continue to see an increase in requests for therapy.

Varda then concluded the discussion by urging each person sitting in the crowd to be vigilant and not only take care of their mental health but also to look out for their loved ones.

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