Hailing from B.C, this group of talented musicians bring to you their new LP. Frontman Michael Wood and his band bring to you “Rubble Town”. An engaging record that is full of addictive melodies and a refined alternative rock sound that could feel very pop at first, but represents influence from a collection of classic genres.

“Rubble Town” is Michael Wood and his band’s second studio effort and just like the first release,  the musical ability, fresh vocals and perceptive lyrics are ever present. In  such a saturated industry, Michael Wood Band will deliver a contemporary take on something that feels delightfully familiar.

Musician/Producer Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason) lends his production chops on to the group on the record, with Doug Naugler providing the engineering. Both of which have praised Wood for his talents, calling him the “quintessential songwriter” and one that will immediately connect to his fans with all the elements that make this music great.

While I was giving this album it’s first spin I found myself drawn in from the first verse and striking guitar rifts. This is a young man that is has made it clear this is what he is meant to be doing. “Coward’s a Question,” the up-tempo folk-esque rock track that acts as the album opener is guaranteed to get people on their feet feeling the groove. The one-two punch style of the lyrical content sets a tone right off the bat giving a ton of energy to feed off of.

As the album plays, “On Our Way Down” continues with the up-tempo start and sounds like it will be a fan favorite when played live. An addictive crowd-sung echo of Wood’s lyrics have this effect on you that feels like it will be a hit for any party. The group slows it down a bit and Wood gets a bit more personal next, with one of my personal favorites “Lonely and Dreaming.” The mid-tempo arrangement and dreamy vibes of this track sound like they are taking us back to the airwaves of the late 90s.

The title track of the band’s second album “Rubble Town” comes in right at the sweet middle of the LP’s runtime. Introspection seems to come to Wood so easily, allowing listeners to get lost in the uplifting presence and personal reflection this song delivers.

The latter half of the album plays just a smooth on the way out as it does leading you into their world of pop-rock. The last moments of the record deliver high enrgy acoustic and percussion driven tracks that you just can’t fight the urge to want to shout and sing along.

Wood delivers 8 original tracks, albeit on the shorter side of playtime, the album is a completely cohesive piece of work that feels very definitive to who Michael Wood is, and just how talented he, and his band are.

With “Rubble Town” seeing it’s official release this past March, the group is about to get real busy with a handful of tour dates across Canada starting at the end of this week! Be sure to check their website here for the upcoming dates and bring your dancing shoes out as the show is sure to check be full energy. They’ve got some great videos up on their YouTube page from live gigs to get an idea of what your in for.

They’ve got some great videos up on their YouTube page from live gigs to get an idea of what your in for. Michael Wood band is not to be missed!

“Rubble Town” is available now via iTunes and other digital media markets. You can also stream the record over on the band’s website. Be sure to give it a spin!