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Media Kit Services | Advertise with BandMark

Wish to Advertise with BandMark? BandMark is a music and lifestyle blog as well as a micro boutique specialized in digital marketing for bands and brands in the Entertainment industry. Traditional ad banners are a thing of the past. To really engage in your audience with your offer BandMark tailors a series of banner ads with a featured blog post and a social media initiatives.

– 1 featured showcase blog
– 2 site banners for duration of campaign -up to 1 month
– Facebook status photo post
– Pinterest photo
– Tweet series

To purchase ad space please contact us at [email protected] and we will put you in touch with our ad broker.

GAL_13003 Media Kit_audience_r4

They are web sawy music fans with a variety of interests including fashion, food and technology. They use smartphones often and have fairly short attentions spans.They are very social media aware, enjoy trends, consuming art, culture & products that are hot on the market.

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