Not sure what to do this Fright night? Is this cold weather getting you down and making you not want to leave the house?

Drum and Bass Collective’s (MDNBC) DnB event at La Shop on St-Denis. I’ve listened to each of the DJs on the set list for MDNBC’s event and holy shit guys, I’m so excited to get my dancing shoes on, get dressed up and fucking GO! 😀

The headliner – drumrolls please – visiting us all the way from the UK…

DLR with Dispatch and Sofa Sounds will be serenading us with high-energy, heavy, and grimy beats that you can get down and dirty to

Here’s a set below for your listening pleasure:

MDNBC has put on around fifteen events to date, with outpours of support from the DnB community. I trust that they know what they’re doing when it comes to DnB. In Montreal, DnB is quite underground, but they’ve thrown many successful events in MTL and some abroad. They once collaborated with Ataraxia Productions in Paris, bringing three international headliners together to the stage at Le Nouveau Casino; Bensley (TO), Signs (FR) and Klax (UK).  They’ll be using a massive home-built sound system, provided by the MTL’s Bassix Production crew, which has been used at several festivals and events since it’s recent upgrade. Girls scout honor *puts hand over heart* those subwoofers will rock your mind, just as they rocked mine at several events over this summer and fall.

Crimewave promises us deep rolling tracks with some classics thrown in for good measure 😉 

For the guest artists on the menu this Friday night there are Stalker, Apoplexia, Crimewave, then we have MTL’s Bassix Production members Phaedrus back-to-back with Odd SC, and Kudos who is an original founder of the collective. Each DJ has their own unique touch to DnB from what I’ve heard on SoundCloud. Stalker with his rollercoaster of neurofunk. Apoplexia with aggressive DnB, while also bringing out 80’s vibes. Crimewave has informed me that he’s prepared some “deep rolling tracks with some classics thrown in for good measure.” Phaedrus’ SoundCloud featured some stealthy sounding tracks, with a style that had me thinking retro video games. Odd SC‘s sound was darker and very energetic. Kudos is stoked to have a good time, feeding off the vibes of the dancing crowd. Altogether, it sounds like each DJ has something special planned for us this Friday.

Montreal Drum and Bass Collective presents DLR (UK) Friday, December [email protected]

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