AIDS… What is AIDS?

I know I know… this is a really serious way to start this article, but as I sat down to actually start writing it, I thought to myself, ‘I really have no idea what AIDS is.’

Yes, generally speaking I know what the disease is; a non curable, fatal disease which develops from the HIV virus and destroys the immune system to the point of no repair. I also remember all the mumbo jumbo they fed us in the 90’s. But on a deeper level, I realized that I actually know nothing about this disease and the every day struggle that comes with it.

Well tomorrow, Thursday, February 19th marks the 16th and final edition of one of the most successful fundraisers here in Montreal organized by the Farha Foundation, Maskarade 10.

Distributing more than 9 million dollars over the past 2 decades and aiming for 10 million after tomorrow evening, the Farha foundation has dedicated the past 20+ years to raising money for those afflicted with this non curable disease.

As always, the gambling tables will await you for an evening of casino inspired fun, along with cocktails a volonté, and of course delicious eats all night long from some of our favorite local restaurants, including: Buonanotte, Le Richmond, Les Delices Lafrenaie and a whole variety of Montreal delicacies. With an exclusive performance from Soulvation and our top local DJ’s Toddy & Jojo Flores and Sandy Duperval on decks throughout the evening, take advantage of an night filled with a multitude of activities to help raise money for this charitable event. And if gambling isn’t your thing, check out the silent auction. It is thanks to all these participants that Maskarade has been as successful as it has been over the past 16 years.

I am on my way to sit with the woman of the hour, Linda Farha who lost her brother to this disease and has taken charge alongside her mother to live out his vision as best she could. Today will be a very insightful day, and I plan to share it all with you.

If you are interested in attending this years final gala, you can purchase tickets here. Remember that this is for a good cause. What better way if you are unable to offer a donation then to at least get out your fancy wear and offer your time. And don’t forget, there is always the option to donate!!! This is a growing disease that does not receive enough attention. With your help we can actually stop this virus from developing.

See you there.