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Managing your caffeine addiction | Pro tips!

Managing your caffeine addiction | Pro tips!

So you like drinking coffee but you do not want to destroy your vitamins, develop a dependence or become resistant to the euphorically productive ride. Well, I have been managing my coffee addiction quite excellently for years now and I finally found the perfect system based on pure science, 9-5 Western work patterns and a realistic discipline goals. First of all, you need to know these 3 things:

  1. Daily coffee, even one cup does more damage than good.  What this substance gives in health benefits like digestive regularity or antioxidants, it outweighs in cons, because quite simply the caffeine molecule binds terribly with protein, and its extreme acid PH makes it a worse liver toxin than alcohol in the same quantity. Coffee also destroys a ton of essential vitamins and increases your chances of cancer of the everything that digests food or water.
  2. Caffeine adapts after 4 days of usage. Meaning that you will be able to feel the effects of coffee in the exact same way, only about 3 days in a row. After that, your intake needs increase, causing the user to go back to STARBUCKS twice in the same day. This is the same for nicotine,  sugar and lots of other BETA blocker substance abuse receptors. Your nervous system adapts as well, and your ride shortens. The time in which you crash is faster the more days in a row you drink it.
  3. The same way your bronchial filter hairs get killed after just one puff of a cigarette or joint,  (which is why if you are a stoner you should try to keep your habit to bi-monthly) 1 coffee kills a lot of alkaline friendly bacteria and irritates everything in its path.  Basic rules of moderation. You need to NOT drink coffee more days than you drink it.

Science FTW, now what? Now learn to moderate your habit or simply quit drinking it. Here is the best way to do that. If you do not taper on or off, you will experience withdrawal headaches, boo.

Saturday: Coffee YES, you need it to counter balance your sleep-ins and get the most out of your weekends!
Sunday: Coffee YES, but half your dose because you can relax today, no need for productivity.
Monday: Coffee YES, but a third your does because your body has not adapted yet, it will still feel like a cup I swear ;)
Tuesday-Friday Coffee NO. Drink tea. Its a totally different caffeine. Actually a far more effective kind and you can drink herbal teas too.

Those are your repair and set back the caffeine resistance clock days. Saturday, your body will be ready to get right back on the train and it will have the most impact. One can always reverse this order and work the intake up rather than back Saturday 1/3, Sunday 1/2, Monday BOOM. Depends on your lifestyle and work demands.

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Today I had 1 espresso and look how effective I was at writing this blog!

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