Oh Montreal… how I love this city that never sleeps.

Made With Love rolls into town for their Regional Finals December 14th. This is an event not to be missed. Better than hitting any local pub or bar for drinks with your crew, take that money to be spent & grab yourself a ticket to Made With Love. $65 gets you in & allows you to try each of the 22 finalists creative concoction with food pairing.

Yep, you read that right. $65 = 22 drinks! A heck of a deal, right? Certainly beats out a staggering bar tab at the end of the night you’d undoubtedly have already. The coolest part of this event is that voting on our 2 winners is left up to you! The 1,500 attendees to this competition will decide whom is worthy of representing our fine town at the Nationals in 2016.

This all goes down from 6PM-10PM at S.A.T on St Laurent.

We all have our favourite watering holes here in town. Take a look at the list of competitors at the bottom of the page. Did any of your favourite spots make the qualifying? Support the locals from you’re chosen home away from home!

Come out for what is sure to be a wild & fun experience.


1. Pierre Gadouas / Artgang Montreal
2. Simon Wong / Les Incorruptibles
3. Pierre-Hugues Marois / Taverne Midway
4. Van Quilatan / Bar Mme Lee
5. Baptiste Montes / Le LAB, Comptoir à Cocktails
6. Maxime Boivin / La Fabrique à Boire
7. Jonathan Solares / La Champagnerie
8. Guillaume St-Pierre / Ikanos
9. Rachel Osborne / Soubois
10. Daniel Boulianne / La Distillerie #2
11. Jean-François Laurence / Le 132-Bar Vintage
12. Rus Yessenov / Mayfair
13. Alexandre Lefebvre / Huis Clos
14. Tom Albani / La Rambla
15. Sophie Courchesne / Alambika
16. Arnaud Leduc / Bar de Courcelle
17. Sabrina Maillot / Pub Bishop & Bagg
18. Andrew Park / Red Tiger
19. Raphaël Brière / Brutus
20. Mathieu Messier Brabant / L’Gros Luxe
21. Maximilien Jean / Bar le Jockey
22. Maximiliano Valletta / Les Enfants Terribles

Cocktails will be decided on the criteria of originality, creativity and taste with People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice winners. Judges will look for passion, expert knowledge, distinct ingredients and how competitors incorporate these elements in unique and delicious ways into their cocktails. The bartender who will be attributed the most points will be eligible to the National Final in Vancouver and will have a chance to win a trip in one of Made With Love affiliated distilleries.