From September 13 to 15, 2019, Montreal will become the central point of the men’s fashion industry in Quebec and Canada with the 1st edition of Men’s Fashion Week, M3 / Mode Masculine Montréal.

Red and black suit by Rhowan James

Designers, trendsetters, VIP’s and the leaders of the fields of business, arts and culture will be attending this festival of men’s fashion and lifestyle. Through conferences, workshops, entertainment, runway shows and glamorous evenings, M3 will put forward the entrepreneurial side of fashion and creation through education, experimentation and celebration.

Suit by Helmer Joseph

M3’s goal is to put local companies on the national and international stage and to make Montreal designers shine. How? By making fashion accessible to everyone, creating a level playing field and opening up the fashion industry to diverse creativity.

Black suit by Rhowan James

During these three days, M3 aims to inspire participants and give them the tools and contacts they need to innovate, grow, expand and, ultimately, brainstorm a new vision for Montreal men’s fashion.

Yves Ulysse

Since we were curious to know what sparked the idea of creating Montreal’s first Men’s Fashion Week, M3 founder, Yves Ulysse, was happy to tell us that:

One, men’s fashion hardly appears on the Quebec scene. Men are taking better and better care of themselves and their bodies but do not yet have a wide selection of quality clothing to choose from. Two, there are very few links between the fashion world and the business world. Designers need support to expand their companies. Therefore, I wanted to create a platform dedicated to men’s fashion where designers can learn to become entrepreneurs.

So here is what you need to know about M3 / Mode Masculine Montréal:

Date: Friday, September 13 — Sunday, September 15, 2019
Program Schedule
9PM-3AM Launch Party @ Vol de Nuit
10AM-11AM Connect Galerie Financière @ Hôtel Monville
Noon-1PM Connect Chovain @ Hôtel Monville
1PM-2PM Connect Delisoft @ Hôtel Monville
2:30PM-3:30PM Connect Absolute Suit
6PM-6:30PM Maxime Black – Runway Show @ Montreal Science Centre
7PM-7:30PM Helmer Joseph – Runway Show @ Montreal Science Centre
8PM-8:30PM Lakuachimoto – Runway Show @ Montreal Science Centre
9PM-9:30PM Pascal Labelle – Runway Show @ Montreal Science Centre
10PM-10:30PM Rhowan James – Runway Show @ Montreal Science Centre
11PM-3AM Exclusive After Party @ Marcus Lounge + Bar (for VIPs and Runway Pass holders only)
1PM-6PM Fashion Brunch @ Restaurant Le Richmond
Website: | Facebook: @m3mtl | Instagram: @m3_mtl


Photos credit: Marcel Cristocea

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