It is the 14th year of M pour Montreal, a festival that brings together industry insiders, artists, bands, and is a big part of why we love our city: it’s a city of artists. 15 venues all over our fair city will host meet-ups, mixers, and music into the early hours of the morning. With all of this madness, how will you route out your festival time? Here are my top picks for you:


Local band makes good. This cool 4-piece of melodic awesome rock just got signed to SubPop, the mega label that saw Nirvana completely self-destruct from the weird construct of fame. Anyway. I have been at a Corridor show before. It was memorable and original, and as someone who has seen a thousand rock shows, I can honestly say I actually enjoyed Corridor. What a good way to kick things off. Friday November 22nd at Le National.


Are they “tech”nically a super group? Is that still a thing? (Members hail from other local bands such as Patrick Watson, Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, and others, respectively). Listed as “Eleki” (I guess to rhyme with TEKE?), and “Surf, Post-Rock, Psyché”, the six musicians play shinobu flute, shamisen, and taisho koto, along with all the usual stuff (you know like drums), and if they’re as cool-sounding live as they are on the recordings, it’ll be an indelible performance. Thursday, Nov. 21st. Cafe Cleopatra. 11:30pm.

Mental health in the music industry

A panel led by Tom Wironen (Friendly Announcer), Taeko Saito (Downtown Music Publishing), Christopher Watson (Park The Van Records) and Martin Énault (Revivre). It’s crucial that professionals acknowledge this topic, and so great that it’s a priority of M pour Montreal. You know us creative types—by daring to disturb the universe, we often disturb ourselves in the process. Plus, there’s that thing about life being so expensive that we’re all stressed out and as a result our mental health has gone to shit…fun stuff. Maybe these panelists will have some survival tactics. At the very least, they’re sane enough to acknowledge that some of us aren’t. Friday, Nov. 22nd, 4pm. Cult Nation.

Nap Eyes

As a fellow Scotian, I am obliged to represent my Maritime brethren. Plus, Nap Eyes makes cool music. But why do the hip kids all dress like George Costanza? I am genuinely curious. Nap Eyes’ bio rambles about crooked guitars, brain protein and NASA, and ends with a line about drinking too much. Oh, you’re drinking too much. Drinking too much cough syrup. Take it easy there boys. But you sure do play some pretty songs. Friday, 22nd, L’Escogriffe. 1:15AM.

M For MTL - Nap Eyes
Hailing from Nova Scotia – Nap Eyes! M For MTL

The High Dials

About you: You like to dance, you like fun rock n’ roll, and you appreciate talented musicians. The High Dials: They’ll make you dance, they’re fun rock n’ roll, and they’re some seriously talented musicians. A band that knows what they’re doing onstage, The High Dials has always exhibited great style and rollicking good grooves. “Primitive Feelings” is their new album, and the band will be finishing out a solid bill of bands at L’Escogriffe on Saturday, Nov. 23rd

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