1907744_883149221746904_4334385690535973288_nEvery so often there is that real special artist that comes to our attention. This year’s POP Montreal Festival brought out a ton of amazing artists to their 2015 edition. One lady in specific stood out from the crowd for me, that was the outstanding talent Lyric Michele.

Chicago born, Houston bred. Lyric Michelle is adding something to the hip-hop world that recent year’s have been lacking. In today’s world of over-produced trap beats, heavy electronics, & superficial verses Lyric Michelle is a breath of fresh air.

First & foremost a Lyricist, this is a woman that has honed her skills; she’s been writing poetry since grade school. Expanding on her love of hip-hop, which she explored deeper with spoken-word duo SpoKen; Lyric Michelle has become a fully realized artist. A poet painting a picture with instrumental productions serving as her canvas.1268144_814511678610659_6396162384276350081_o

There is a classic 90’s hip-hop feel to her tracks that can’t be ignored, feeling oh so soulful. Lyric Michelle’s introspective & thought proviking lyrical content brings an element of intelect that many females in hip-hop struggle to master. It’s these elements that make it clear Lyric Michele is upon us ready to stand with the great’s like Lauryn Hill, Tupac & MC’s of high caliber.

Lyric Michelle shared a new track at her show here in Montreal. Coming off her anticipated debut album, My Pain was released this week. There is a passion on this track that is undeniable–just check out a clip of her performing the song right below. There’s a conversation to be had here. A vulnerable beauty on finding the light in days to come.

This type of message is what to expect when listening to Lyric’s music. Her released material so far has been nothing short of this awareness. Though with that said, girl can take it to a whole other level as well! Proven on tracks like This & That(an instant crowd pleaser) & again on mid-tempo party ballad Weekend (La Di Da Di).

12032957_10156109487365512_3141292356818050926_nAdditionally, I must add that Lyric Michelle is one of the sweetest people I have met. She has this warmth that just pours out when speaking to. Very humble & very real. A genuine soul I am proud to call a favourite artist, & lucky enough to call a friend.

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