Something I am a huge supporter of: the Slow Fashion Movement.

Like the Slow-Food Movement opposing the fast food joints, the Slow Fashion Movement is rebelling against the fast fashion stores like H&M and Forever 21.

These designers are going back to our roots in fashion and accessories. I’m not saying they are making unbreathable corsets and using crazy amounts of decadent fabrics; I’m saying they are conceptualizing apparel that endures more than two months wear and tear and that has a design lasting a couple seasons instead of entertaining the new IT trend.

Brands in this movement are using their expertise to create from start to finish a unique piece that you will cherish and go through life with, and maybe even pass down to your kids and grandkids.

A wonderful new brand that follows this philosophy has caught my attention and I invite you all to welcome them to Montreal at their pop-up shop this Canada day at Espace Pop.

They are called Playbag and the bags and backpacks are crafted to be played with for many many years.

Slow Fashion Movement

Playbag is a rare appearance and wonderful Best Kept Secret of a brand making handmade products as part of something bigger.

Recently relocated from the Czech Republic, Megan and Michal have made it their mission to expose the European label to Montreal and North America. The bags are only made with locally sourced quality material and are built to stand the test of time. A quality we really appreciate for these crucial carry-alls.

Focusing on old fashion ways, before everything was made by robots and machines, Playbag has craftsmanship and a timeless design at the core of their brand. Like your grandma’s knitted scarves, these bags are made with TLC,  and it shows in the details of every piece.

First, check out Playbag’s Instagram and their site to get a feel of who they are. Their blog is cool and casual just like them.

Second, pop your head into Espace Pop, 5587 ave. Parc, Montreal on July 1st and/or 2nd and contemplate their bags with a glass of yummy sangria and a snack. Bring a friend or meet a new one with equally good taste in apparel. Here is the Facebook event page for more info.

Third, why not do a little research of your own on the Slow Fashion Movement. It’s a super exciting concept that supports small businesses and sustainable fashion.

If you can’t make it to this Pop-Up Shop, no worries, Playbag has some pieces at Sunrise Cafe & Collections in the Mile-end, so you can grab a coffee while you admire the bags. Of course, they also sell online.

Slow Fashion Movement

Furthermore, they will also be present at Marché des Possibles on July 7th.

Happy Canada day weekend and…

You’re welcome!