Sometimes you go buy tickets for a big concert months in advance and show up to the show made epic in your mind from weeks of anticipation. You get there and its ohh-k. Other times, someone reminds you of  lil album launch up the street, that you could have overlooked from your FB event calendar chaos, and its awesome. Last night was one of those nights.

A nice clip from the launch at O Patro Vys

His Basecamp with the EP

His FB if you want to LIKE him.

Album credits:

Mark Mahoney- Vocals and guitar
Joseph Shanahan -Keyboards
Yann Bonato De Angelis- Bass and Violin
Nathan Balaga – Drums
Cate Morse- Back up vocals
Alexandrine Leblanc- Cello
Mixed and mastered by Joris Paquet
Cover Art by Nicola Melo
All songs written and composed by Mark Mahoney