Writers and Readers of Montreal unite! We are on the cusp of two very incredible festivals, and it is time to meet the voices behind the ink. In our artistically-sodden city, prepare to get together for these amazing events:

The Mile End Poets’ Festival kicks off first on March 27thAn entire festival dedicated to the poetry and literary livelihood, the festival, which goes until April 5th, is rich with dancing, jazz, spoken word, and incredibly talented locals and gusts. Here are some highlights!

Sufi Whirling Workshop with Live Persian Music

That’s right, your dreams of being a whirling dervish can come to fruition amidst ecstasy, mysticism, and ancient art. What a special way to kick off any festival.

It starts at 2PM on March 27th (4374 St. Laurent), and you are requested to bring whirling-appropriate clothes, and, because being a dervish amps up your appetite, food to share.

Spring Titles Launch at Drawn and Quarterly

Anything that happens at Drawn and Quarterly is worth checking out, and there will also be wine. Do I need to say anything more? No…but I will, just in case. It’s free, it’s at 7:30PM on April 1st, and authors doing readings are Geneviève Pettersen, Neil Smith, Lydia Perović, Michael Prior and Vincent Colistro.

Voice Dance Trance

Spoken word, dance and song coalesces at the Mainline Theatre on April 3rd sees Moe Clarke rocking out with groups such as The End of Silence, and Half Inch Thick, to name a few. It’s 7 bucks, and doors are open at 8:30.



And then we’ve got Blue Metropolis, the international literary festival in its 18th year, running from April 11th until the 17th.

Taking place at downtown Montreal’s Hotel 10, the Blue Met festival boasts literally hundreds of global and local writers, and authors who have just received Blue Met awards for some seriously innovative prose. Featuring 109 events for literary adults and 124 events for literary kids, there will be an Alice in Wonderland Breakfast and a Great Gatsby party.

Writers include Anne Carson, who just won the Blue Met’s Literary Grand Prix, as well as Polish writers, First People’s writers, writers from France, writers from Israel…

There will also be The MAC Series (Montreal’s contemporary art museum), which will explore the intersection of art and literature, Syria Events, showcasing writers from Syria and the Middle East, and a series called Women and Words which showcases (guess what) some seriously talented women sharing their incredible writing.

It is through events like these that our cities and people are enriched, voices are heard, and meaning finds language, collectively.

Full event listings for Blue Met can be found HERE

And for the Mile End Poets’ Fest, go HERE