I’d rather men just didn’t wear shorts as it’s so rare they look good in them! Kind of like other girlish attire like tank tops and sandals, these are huge fashion risks for the less than sexy- average male.  Most of the time, you guys would be better off wearing summer pants than running around with stark white chicken legs covered in dark hair.. IF you feel that you can get away with wearing shorts in the first place than PLEASE follow this sound advice:

10 Fashion Faux Pas EVERY guy needs to know regarding shorts! 

1- Do not wear rolled up  jean shorts above the knees unless you are a homosexual prostitute

2- Do not wear jeans above the knee period, unless you are a GIRL.

3- Do not wear beige safari style cargo shorts, unless you are on a Safari! – Opt for army, grey, white…

4- Do not wear long Ocean Pacific style swimming trunks off of the beach unless you are a total douche bag

5- Do not even think of wearing business pant/shorts unless you want to get beat up on the way home from work

6- Do not wear boxers as shorts unless you are a drunk teenager on spring break

7-Do not try to edit your winter jeans into the trendy 3/4 unless you have fabric scissors

8- Do not wear the jogging pant jersey shorts unless you are playing an outdoor sport

9- Do not wear flashy satin and mesh basketball shorts unless you are a basketball player

10-Do not wear ANY shorts your mom bought you, unless she is a fashion designer
You’re welcome!