If there’s anything Montrealers enjoy, it’s drinking, sneering and thumbing their noses at authority — so it’s no surprise we have a venerable punk tradition. From the earliest days The 222s and The Asexuals, on through to the infamous Salle de L’X venue and today’s pizza-punk-poutine hedonist heaven Pouzza Fest, this city has long been a hotbed of high-tempo, working-class rebellion and riffs.

Witness our latest showcase, local Richochet Sound signees Light Bulb Alley. Consisting of Josh on drums, Karlo on bass, guitar and organ, and frontman Allister on guitar and vocals. The hard-working, hard-rocking trio has recently begun to bolster their Web presence.

Their garage-psych-punk explosions are already known to East Coast punkers — Light Bulb Alley already have a full-length LP in 2011’s The Sound of Things (available on iTunes), numerous splits, appearances at punk pilgrimages such as the aforementioned Pouzza Fest, and a handful of tours as far as New York.

Light Bulb Alley’s sound is varied — according to their official Facebook, they count The Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry among their diverse influences — but their rollicking, rockabilly-tinged sound retains the fireball energy and DIY grit of a classic punk outfit. No track is much like another, and Light Bulb Alley’s own press reflects the energy of experimentation; at their shows, you can expect “Swampy, Punk, Psychedelic, Live, Country, Blues, Trash. Melodic, & Dirty jingles to listen to on your rocking chair!

This month, Light Bulb Alley kick off their 2013 Fear No Evil tour, an East-of-Montreal, international road trip that’ll take them through Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut and New York state, bouyed by David Clarke’s ’50s-style tour posters. They’ve also hinted at dropping a new LP in the near future, so like their official Facebook page to get on the ground floor!

Bandmark’s Lisa Interviews Allister of Light Bulb Alley

5 questions with Allister
(Colored photo of Allister by Fabian Aldazabal, Black & White slider image of band by Diane RH)

1.Most high maintenance band member?
We all are pretty high maintenance! I demand red jelly beans and many oval mirrors in the Green room,and will not play without my lucky silk underwear. Karlo has a sacred shrine devoted to Venus where he performs a ancient secret prayer exactly 6 min and 30 seconds before we hit the stage. Josh eats nails before the show! He is a machine!

2. Member who’s most likely to get the band in trouble after too many house shooters?
We all try and be professional road dogs, minus a few mishaps that might be documented on our #Twitter. 

3. Member who’s the best mother figure on the road?
None of us are motherly. My mom sent us a care package!

4. Member who’s most likely to misplace/lose their stuff.
I lost my mind; does that count? Karlo lost his luggage once. And me, Josh and Karlo had a studio robbed when we weren’t there. They broke down a steel door with a cinderblock and jimmied off the hooks that held the locks with a crowbar! That was no one’s fault, except the prick who did it. It was a drag, but we had our friends throw a benefit, and we recorded new material that is  high-calibre compared to the original sessions. (Areseni Foudimov, sound engineer)

5. Member who’s most likely to run off with a girl and miss a gig?
We all run off and do our own thing. We get cooped up together and sometimes end up wandering; I woke up with a farmer’s daughter once. The father forced me to bale hay from the attic of a barn into a truck until it was full, yelling at me in some foreign language in the sweltering heat. I couldn’t leave until the job was done, and we almost missed our show that night. She did give me a four-leaf clover though…

Light Bulb Alley Discography:

The Sound Of Things LP, Ricochet Sound
We Love Trash- Best Of Garage Punk Hideout Vol.7
One Chord Progression Stuffs Your Stockings Vol. 1
No Way Out Vol. 3- Dead By Mono

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