Unsure where to take your mom for mother’s day? LICENCE IV is a charming and hip joint with that hipster retro look but really done to the nines. These guys didn’t just paint old barn wood and use a 30s font, they went all out from the Parisian mini lamp posts and velvety green drapes to the cozy banquettes. The taps are steam punk chique and the toilet paper is soft (yes I check that!, it means the owners actually care about their clientelle and not just their instagram fame.

So what was I doing there last Sunday? I was getting a sneak peak (or shall I say cheat) on the delicious Mother’s day brunch in store for lucky ladies this Weekend! I’m a creative director so my world is very visual, here are some snap worthy #montrealmoments of our experience eating a delicious mix of Paris/Quebequoi brunch classics and below, the official mother’s day menu. I had the Assiette Campagnarde (because it’s such a delicious carnivorous playground and I’m basically a perma-dieting-ketogenic vegatarian all week!) Our chairman Eric had The Benedict because he always orders that if it’s on a menu!

The bennedict according to him had the perfect sauce ratio of buttery, salty and most importantly it came warm, a feat that can be difficult while brunching on a breezy terrace but they made it happen.

My favourite part of his meal was the asparagus covered in the sauce I stole from his plate. Well, It wasn’t that much of a true theft as I traded a thick perfectly crispy bacon strip- fair no? The creton was my favorite part of my meal. Often I find creton sort of gross because well, it’s grey for starters and it can be too fatty or creamy. The name itself is awful but don’t let that fool you, it’s a wonderful appetizer. This one was rich yet not heavy & it will keep me coming back for this local gourmandise!

Everyone knows what brunch plates look like, I wont bore you with those. Instead, I will show you what we got with our meal – very exciting and generous AF mimosas! Now whose mom doesn’t deserve a mimosa! Mine sure does but she would not be able to finish this one on her own, you’ll have to help ma 😉

Oh just the perfect mimosa 🍹

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Fête des Mères (with our sugestions in bold) the Club would be a 3rd pick

$ 19.95

Assiette Campagnarde

2 oeufs mirroirs, bacon, pain dore, creton et patates dejeuner Licence IV

Le Club Dejeuner Licence IV

Jambon, bacon, fromage suisse, 1 œuf frit, sauce Hollandaise entre deux tranche de pain dore du Fugasse, servi avec fruits et patates dejeuner Licence IV

Omelette au Jambon Fume Foret Noir et Camembert servi avec tomates grille et sauce moray

Omelette Vegetarien

Legumes du marche et Patates Licence IV

Benedictine au Saumon Gravlax

Bagel, œufs poche, sauce Hollandaise, asperges, petite legumes

Crepe au Pomme, Cannelle et Chedar servi avec patates Licence IV

Crepe au Saumon Poche

Crepe francaise, saumon poche, sauce Bernaise, fromage brie, legumes du jour

Poulet Parisienne

Poulet grille avec patates roti, legumes du jour et sauce aux argumes

Steak Onglet avec frites et sauce au Poivre