The always charimastic U.K based singer Lianne La Havas made her triumphant return to Montreal this past Tuesday evening. Bringing a little warmth to town came easy to Lianne as she worked her way through a setlist of known crowd-pleasers while prominently featuring tracks off the sophomore release Blood.

Lianne La Havas has this captivating beauty in her stage pressence. That is undeniable. Kicking off the show with Green & Gold, her signature jazzy croon shines through the simple percussion notes on the Blood featured track. This was a perfect way to start a show. A softer entrance & song that allowed the supporting band to fully come together feeling the venue, setting the tone for what the almost-sold-out Corona crowd was in for.

Before delving into the new record a little deeper, La Havas treated the audience to some stand-out cuts off her debut album, effortlessly playing through Is Your Love Big EnoughAu Cinema. The latter of which brilliantly featured excerpts from Pharrel’s huge hit Happy. A personal highlight for me. The blending of classic & contemporary R&B stylings was a gorgeous experience for the evening.

Around mid-set, Lianne La Havas abonded her instrument (if only for a moment), getting a little closer to the audience and feeling the music in a different way than I have seen her do before. It was refreshing to watch La Havas work the stage from side to side rather than being isolated her mic, guitar in hand. Do not get me wrong, Lianne is a remarkable talent to watch strum the strings while singing through her introspective lyrics.

Though when deviating away from that we a side to the singer that I did not expect. Particularly on the angst driven Never Get Enough. At points of the track flipping her hair around the stage. It was an energy that only added to her already mastered insturmental ability & clear-cut musicality. This was a moment in her show that I will not soon forget.

Lianne La Havas is easily relatable on-stage, with a wealth of talent that is only growing brighter as time passes. Elegantly feminine, yet playfully innocent. If the chance to witness this beautiful force comes your way, I highly suggest taking it.

Lianna La Havas released the aforementioned sophomore album Blood, which is available to be streamed or purchased right here.

Delve on into the record & let La Havas warm up your day. I have been doing exactly that, despite the cold rainy day I still feel the warmth given to Montreal from Lianne La Havas yesterday evening.