What seemed like the first Fall evening of September, Best Kept MTL had the pleasure of discovering a hidden gem in one of Montreal’s ever developing boroughs; L’hotel Particulier du Griffintown. The sweetest hebergement (residence) I have seen since my travels in Europe, and for sure here in my very own city.

Leave it to Montreal to always surprise you with someone creating something new and innovative to capture my attention.

Being a hotel hunter myself, I prefer quaint and cool over luxury high rise any day! I mean sure, every so often we all love to treat ourselves to glam, but all in all when traveling there is nothing I appreciate more than a living quarter that makes me feel one with the city I am currently occupying.

That being said, when a close friend of mine reached out to me about the garden party at L’Hotel Particulier de Griffintown, I could not resist discovery that instantly impresses!

L'hotel Particulier du Griffintown

No, it did not come with a fancy concierge… bar service… or every blogger in the city! BUT, what it did come with?

An adorable courtyard and garden adorned with small lights; a row of candles lighting up the stairways; A few friends set up in the garden playing their instruments gently in the background; a tent with a small yet tasty buffet, and what seemed like another good friend exposing their locally brewed, all natural wines (more on that coming soon!).

It was a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with the owners, Michael Marciano and his wife Romy charming us with a wonderful concept of home away from home. And in a sense, for them, it is. Being of Parisian decent, Michael attempted to bring his version of France to Montreal, honoring the original Hotel Particulier Montmartre, that is indeed in the heart of Paris. It is very conceptual as the building is truly particular; from its history – being a protected national heritage site – and the interesting community layout Michel created upon his extensive renovations.

The original owners were at a loss as to what to do with it. It was the vision of Michael that brought this old, abandoned building back to life which makes their artist in residence that much more relatable to the vision that is L’hotel Particulier. Not only do you get a beautiful living quarter for up to 16 people, horse stables right next door to give you those true euro vibes, but there is also an artist in residence offering you his interpretation of 19th century Montreal.

L'hotel Particulier du Griffintown

And who better than Dani Hausmann, a personal favorite of Michael, whose Industrial print photography has captured the world for decades. The realism and visual interpretation of various Montreal landmarks go hand in hand with the walls of this historical monument.

Rentable, starting at 120$ a night for 2 people or 2,000$ for 2 nights for the entire bed & breakfast, you get a fully equipped living quarter with breakfast at an additional cost, kitchenette as well as full kitchen option, a lovely, relaxing courtyard with BBQ, seating areas and even a few bikes available.

If you are like me and are looking for an authentic, local stay with a good bang for your buck, then this is the perfect getaway for you. 🙂