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Let’s Bond In Style with Holts | Get your haute couture on & charity out
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Let’s Bond In Style with Holts | Get your haute couture on & charity out 

It’s time to get out there–Let’s Bond!

On Wednesday May 9th, Let’s Bond teams up with Holt Renfrew for its 3rd edition of in Style with Holts. The high end department store is perfectly suited for the inspiring cause and considered one of Canada’s most recognized institutions, with values inspired by exceptional service, passion, pride.

Let’s Bond is a Montreal collective of young professionals creating unforgettable events and dialogue around mental illness. Since 2011, Let’s Bond has raised over $1,000,000 to support local mental health outreach programs and research.

Sometimes we don’t need another program; we need a movement to make a lasting change.  An authentic commitment, accompanied by a game plan is what Let’s Bond has been successful at doing to raise funds and break taboos on mental. And they’ve done it by targeting the people they know best– young professionals. They believe that more can and should be done to support the unique challenges of our fast-paced, pressure-driven generation. Nobody should have to struggle with mental illness on their own.

So what’s in store? A dazzling, private shopping experience, exclusive fashion shows, networking while enjoying delicious cocktails, creative bouchées, & delectable desserts – all to the beats of Montreal’s best DJs.

Tickets are on sale for 60$. 10% of proceeds go to the Fondation Jeunes en TêteDouglas foundations.

Every year, 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental health or an addiction problem. This includes depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, substance use disorders and gambling dependency. Disorders can range from mood swings, thinking and behavior. Mental illnesses are common, normal, and curable.

Foundations like Jeunes en Tête supports local nonprofits whose actions and interventions are geared towards remedying and preventing emotional distress of young people aged 14 and older. In order to better understand their reality and ensure that they have the appropriate means and solutions at their disposal, the foundation embarked on an undertaking to develop a portrait of youth wellbeing. 

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