Few things are more inherently Montreal than gala parties to signal the change of a season.

As in the ten previous years, Les Printemps du MAC has been the siren call event that announces to the city, the winter has ended and spring has begun. Now in its eleventh year, the event did not disappoint.

 Les Printemps du MAC exemplifies a unique ability of Montreal; combining art, culture and nightlife into a singular event that allows you to both put your hair up and take it down at the same time.

Always hosted at the MAC, this year’s theme, Jangala, got a little wilder than usual. Jangala, Sanskrit for jungle, was a tropical enviroment where nature and technology come together.

 Upon entering the main hall, two things strike you immediately. Set in the middle of the room, rising three stories high, a giant jungle tree decorated as if Mowgli from the Jungle book was all grown up and throwing an EDM event. It set the tone perfectly for those surrounding it, Montreal’s finest had thrown off their wool clothing and winter boots in favour of high heels, satin gowns, and spring suits. From the ground floor to the second level overlook, it’s was a glamorous affair overflowing with style and grace.

 An event of such standards would never leave its guest hungry or dry. I passed on the selection of wines in favour of Montreal’s own distillers, PUR Vodka and Romeo Gin, both on offer at the open bars. Montreal’s top restaurants were engaged to provide a variety of accoutrements that both titillated and satisfied the senses. Live oyster shucking from the meat boys at Mechant Boeuf was both delicious in its flavour and irony. Soubois, a favourite for those of the night, brought a smile to the faces of everyone who tasted their dumplings. A relative new comer, Speakeasy, surprised with foiegras and strawberry skewers wrapped in thinly sliced duck. These were but a few of the numerous stands worth mentioning.

 Although the cold raining evening felt more like a signal of the end of winter than the start of spring, Les Printemps du MAC once again showed us why it has remained a signature event in Montreal for over a decade.