15.04.16.  Save the date. Montreal’s young elite will gather Friday for NÉO to celebrate contradiction, combining tradition with novelty, inspiring duality and tension in the work of Ragnac Kjartansson and eclecticism of Ryan Gander; 2 prolific artists whose works will be on display at the 10th edition of Les Printemps du Mac.

Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson’s artwork will reveal a spectacular universe imbued of melancholy as well as humor. Ryan Gander, a British artist of international fame will put the spectator at the heart of the experience by reactivating his imaginary.  Prepare to be challenged as the outcome of their creations are distinctly different. They’re almost like exercises. You know how the mind’s like a muscle? It will be like taking your mind to the gym.

Like surprises? The event is inspired by ‘’Glitch’’, i.e. any abnormalities that may happen in software, video games, images, audio and any other data forms, as well as the 1990’s. The BWR room will actually be transformed into a massive video game room for this special occasion.

Food & cocktails served up by The Antonopoulos Group, owners of Kyo, BEVO, Méchant boeuf, Modavie, Suite 701, Taverne Gaspard, Verses et Vieux-Port Steakhouse.

Maddie Longlegz will be the DJ accompanied by VJ M.Bootyspoon. And if you’re looking for the ultimate gift bag this one will have products from its generous sponsors L’Oréal, Lise Watier, La Vie en Rose, Ardène, Club Mansfield among others… buy your tickets here.

Les Printemps du MAC Committee is dedicated to introducing the MAC to a new generation of leaders. It has a dual mission: firstly, to raise awareness of both contemporary art among this group, and the important role the MAC plays in preserving and promoting this heritage across Quebec, Canada and at the international level. Secondly, it aims to encourage support for the continued development of the MAC.

Destination? Museum of Contemporary Art. 185, Sainte-Catherine W. as of 9pm!